June 28th, 2005

She couldn't scream while I held her close

I think I want to kill someone.

I am getting a bit sick of doing two full time jobs in the space usually allotted for one. Ditto being refused time off for fucking stupid reasons (note, REFUSED. I don’t even know anyone else here who’s been refused, which incidentally would not have happened at this office if I had kids, because the people with kids just swan off wheneverthehell they like). I am going to have to write a list of stuff to bitch about because I think there are going to be reviews in July and somebody is going to fucking appreciate how much work I have done. I will be pissed off if I do not get a funking high score.

Also, I spent half an hour yesterday printing out intents for June tenders. That is, tenders that should have been on the database before June. Yes, before the month which is just two days from being OVER. Basically, none of the tender people could be bothered/ were too busy, so I’m having to do it. This is not my job. It is not my job to go and look for these things when no-one’s given them to me, but I’m having to because if anyone notices they’re not done, I’ll get it in the neck.

I fucking hate everyone today.

I need to lose weight but I cannot work up any sort of energy to bother. Times like this I wish I enjoyed exercise.

Oh, and today is nine years since my mum died. Nine years. Which, yes, is probably why I’m in a bad mood.

Nine years, though. It feels a lot longer. I feel a lot older.

PS Dear’s lack of spine when it comes to IB is really annoying.

PPS R in the office seems to be going on about late-night Rainbow with a house band and the theme tune sung by Chas and Dave, and Jim Davidson presenting. Right… apparently this is all coming from the inside of his own head. I feel so much more normal now.