June 24th, 2005

Oh My God I can't believe it

Right, a big funking disaster on a massive scale has happened (do not laugh):

My bookshelf has collapsed.


Basically I had all the books on one shelf in a cupboard, and yes this was stupid, but I didn’t know the funking supports were inside the MDF and not underneath, did I? So it collapsed, I had to move all my books, I’m having to find new homes for everything.

What with this and the heat, I am not in a fabulous frame of mind at the moment, I am a leeetle bit on edge. So apologies in advance if I snap. Oh, and if I speak to you sometime this weekend, the conversation may well involve the words ‘my bookcase…’ a few times. Sorry.

Oh, and you know the only thing worse than this heat? This heat and stomach cramps! Yes, it’s that time of the month again, oh joy I’m SO glad I’m female. No, really.

The sky is v dark here so hopefully it’ll start to rain soon. I may get soaked going to the shops, but I don’t particularly care! I can’t believe I’m this excited waiting for rain…

Oh, and before I forget again, super sekrit message to Meg: ‘Big Brother, you are discriminating against people with glasses, comprendez?’

Can’t believe it’s taken me 3+ weeks of BB to remember that. Heh heh heh

Random additions

Lots of people seem to be going to this con at Earl’s Court at the weekend at which John Barrowman will be there looking gorgeous. I am hoping for lots of con reports and pics. I may have to get some DW icons OH AND A PAID ACCOUNT YOU IDIOT (note to self).

I may be online tomorrow afternoon, as I have to come to Bromley to take back library books. Tomorrow morning we are going to MFI to get me a unit for my room *sheepish grin* and then Matalan. Huzzah. If I didn’t have to take my books back I’d go shopping in Lewisham, but now I think about it, Bromley probably has more shops with air conditioning.