June 20th, 2005

I wanna be like those guys

Yay for rain, is all I can say. Yay for rain.

The weekend was, as those of you in UK will have realised, hot. Hothothot. Ludicrously hot**. I do not cope well with heat *keels over*. Still, I did not let that stop me having a good time. Friday we all kind of collapsed in the lounge and failed to move for the rest of the evening.

Saturday Dear was in a cleaning mood, which meant she couldn’t decide if she wanted me to help or if she wanted me to funk off out of the way. I was also in a cleaning mood, and got rid of a load of crap. Most of it being old magazines. After I’d done that, I went out (still leaving room in a mess, oops, that wasn’t part of the plan) and got the train up to London Bridge because I was Going To A Play. Woo!!

It was produced by Chris’ cousin, and it was called A Thousand Yards, and it was very, very good. And OHMYGOD Ian from Shameless was in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to get very excited inside my own head because, you know, , other people who don’t know me and would think I’m mad, that sort of thing. But omg. SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, plot concerns a picture editor on a newspaper who’s going blind, and she ends up getting sent to this specialist who’s the last resort, basically. It was fab, and it’s put on by a small theatre company at the Southwark Playhouse which is a teeny tiny theatre, and it’s only on for a week more so if it sounds interesting to you, please go!! It only costs £12, that’s nothing in London :)

After that we had a wander along the Thames, squeed over Matthew McFadyen being in Henry IV at the National, and then they went off to the tube to go back to wherever they had the car. Rather them than me. I went off in search of sushi, but they didn’t have much of what I liked in Wasabi, so I went off to Yo! Sushi and had a yummy, yummy meal while reading Total Film. It was fab.

And then I took some pictures and video of Leciester Square looking all destroyed for the War of The Worlds premiere. Woo!! And then I went to Trafalgar Square and took pictures of all the people (I don’t know why, either). And then I went home and went dfjkbjkdf from heat.

Oh, and then I avoided watching Don’t Say A Word, which seriously must be the only film BBC3 has rights for because it’s on all the damn time, and then I watched Doctor Who at whatever stupid time it was on, because I am a super genius who forgot to set a tape.

Anyway, about the only thing I could come up with was: OH MY GOD. Or, if I’m feeling a little Big Brother house: OH MY DAYS. It may be some time before I am coherent on this. I’m still not sure if it was good or not. Though omg squee David Tennant. I love him, and I saw him first oh yeah mm hm in He Knew He Was Right. He was fabulous in it. Bastard BBC still not released it on DVD. Gits.

Sunday I did a little more clearing out, then went off to Woking ON AN AIR CONDITIONED TRAIN. Ah, South Western. Got picked up by Crishna and off we went to Kingston, yay!! In a car with air conditioning, even more yay!

So, in short: bought 4 tops 2 skirts loads of stickers 2 Shakeaways 2 bags lemon crisps aaaaaand some notebooks and writing paper. Woo and yay. I could really do with the lemon crisps right now, actually. Had good fun, despite the heat. Had banoffee muffin shakeaway and lion bar, which didn’t work out too well as most of the bar stayed unsquished, but I had a yummy vanilla ice cream milkshake with a lion bar afterwards, so it all worked out. I could do with a lion bar as well, actually.

Ummm yes, then we went back to Crishna’s and went floppy from heat. I got my Germany pics uploaded so I’ll post that soon, and generally we just flopped about because it was that hot. And then I went home on another air conditioned train ahahahaha woo.

Sadly by the time I got home Dear was there with her boyfriend, and then decided to go sit in the garden the same time as I went out there to iron (sadly I have loads more ironing to do tonight). So, no peace and quiet but was quite fun just being outside.

And today: HA HA HA thunderstorm!!!!! Very nice reduction in the temperature, thankyouverymuch. We’re having fresh pasta for dinner, and we’re watching Oldboy tonight :D

**Unless you live in North Yorkshire, where it’s been so rainy villages have been flooded! Good lord.