June 17th, 2005


Sent a text but don't know if you'll see it. Busy Saturday but Sunday still good, will call you later to organise times etc.

Alles klar?

News in Brief

I was going to post a long ranty update but we’ve been up to our eyeballs in electricity prices, so a condensed version of this post:



Ahem. Now, a proper condensed version:

I hate LTC2, she is an annoying cow. Things have gone downhill in that I am now daydreaming about using whatever I am holding – pen, can of drink, stapler – to somehow kill her. Oh dear.

Dear does not see the contradiction in a) having no money 2 WEEKS after she’d been paid, then going into her overdraft and having to deal with other charging such as bouncing cheques, and the resultant panic which of course we all had to bear witness to, and b) going on holiday to Spain in two weeks time.

What. The. Hell, people, what the hell? Also, she was being exceptionally whiney about it last night, and I nearly smacked her in the head. I’m in my blinding-rage-pretend-I’m-not-thinking-about-strangulation phase with her over this.

Dad has gone off to China for 2 weeks :( Ah well. I have asked him to look for Blueberry/ Renegade, but am preparing myself to get one or more random films called Renegade, probably starring Steven Segal or Jean-Claude Vann Damme.

Tomorrow El and Chris will be up in London, yay! Chris’ cousin is producing a play so we’re all going to meet up and be cultured. And then go for dinner. And Sunday I’m going to miss whatever French film is on at Stratford because I’m going to go and see Crishna and have Shakeaway and buy funky stuff in that little oriental shop. And possibly get funky sticker pictures done on my own. Woo hoo.

Have a good weekend, all :D