June 16th, 2005

Last night, she said

So I was going to be cultural and watch a programme about a lost ship. And then I decided to be more cultural and watch a programme about a Durer painting that was stolen by Russians in WW2. And then I realised Super Spiders was on channel 5.

I love spiders.

There’s a spider called a Portia. WOO. She’s the ultimate super spider, apparently, because she seems to have a brain. And one of her opponents is called a Nephila Spider! Has this just crossed over into Robot Wars or something?

Wow, this Portia spider’s so cool. I feel so educated (ha yeah right).

Also, everyone was out so I got to watch 2 episodes of Scrubs, oh yeah. It was ACE. I love Doctor Cox.

I love it when everyone goes out.

In further random asides, the big fat one from D12 has done a solo video. It’s crap. Some guy called David Powter (? Might be James Powter, I wasn’t really paying attention) has done a rather sweet song called Bad Day which has an exceptionally cute video, and there’s a dance version of Annie Lennox’s Why, which has to be the most pointless of all pointless covers, as they’ve just sped the song up.

And I still can’t make photobucket do anything, or figure out how to get into my ftp thing (this is what I get for clearing the cache), so Den/ Crishna, seriously, what is the web address? Help!

Incidentally, when I do, I will be posting the Germany recap because my pictures are really cool.

Also, I did indeed make loads of Edukators icons, which I’m veh veh pleased with, but at the moment I cannot post them. Though above is my favourite.