June 13th, 2005

Evening all…

Dixon of Dock Green is going to be on the radio this week and David Tennant’s going to be in it. Yes, this is random. No, I’m not writing this in the evening. Just felt like saying it.

Big Brother was fantastic this weekend because THEY PUT THEM ALL IN BOXES ahahahahahahahaha. They put them in boxes and they were all shuffling about and shouting at each other and it was funny. Plus, you know, you’re tuning in to watch people but you can’t because they’re in boxes. Heh.

Right, weekend. Friday night we went to Back to Basics with Lesley, had yummy bread with yummy butters, then had the big bowl of seafood – with crab claws! – and that was extra yummy, even if I’m not very fond of crab (prefer lobster). Came home – had first ride in the new car we’ve now had about a month. Went to bed at 10 because a) was tired as I hadn’t slept the night before and b) am a lightweight.

Oh, and I got bingo’d (term from Childfree – you can essentially tick off the things people say when they’re trying to tell you you do want children, really). They both reckon I’m going to have children, and I couldn’t be sure I didn’t want them (to which I respond: so how come everyone else can be sure that they *do* want them? Is there only one opinion on this matter?), and it would change if I met someone I really loved (and if it was going anywhere near a serious relationship, THEY’D KNOW I DON’T WANT CHILDREN). I was quite fed up by the end of it. I don’t want children. I don’t like children for any more than a few hours at a time. I would have to have a huge personality change to a) want them and b) be able to put up with them. Why is this a problem for anyone else if it isn’t a problem for me?

Saturday went to town with Claire. Attempt to fix shoes with moleskin stuff so they wouldn’t rub worked for about half an hour, so was in considerable pain by the end of the day. Went to Lillywhites, and somehow I bought a pair of shoes (with sparkly silver stars!! Wonder if I can get away with them for work?) and a zip up top thing that says Destiny on it loads of times.

Then we went up Regent Street, and got free Muller Rice things at Oxford Circus ha ha ha. We then walked alllll the way up Oxford Street to Selfridges, where I spent loads of money on expensive foodie bits, Godiva chocolate and Jolly Ranchers. A big bag of Jolly Ranchers mm mm mm mm mmm mmmmmmm. I am sucking a watermelon one right now and oh my gosh.

Um…then we went and looked at swish bath and perfume things, and walked back down Oxford Street to go towards Wardour Street for the cinema. Then we got our tickets, I got yummy yummy popcorn, and we went to watch The Edukators.

A few things about The Edukators:

1. Claire fancies Daniel Bruhl.
2. The poster claims to have music by Placebo, Depeche Mode, Franz Ferdinand and Leonard Cohen. There was a Leonard Cohen song (Hallelujah – and it was not sung by him), but none of the others could be heard in the film. However, they were on the 2 CD soundtrack, whih is a bit weird in itself as there must have only been 8 songs used in the whole film.
3. We both thought we’d seen the girl recently, but not in Alles Aus Zucker (the film we went to see in Deutschland). Must look her up.
4. It might actually just be called Edukators, I’m not sure.
5. we thought it was set in Koln (oh, just imagine the umlaut) but then Claire noticed a Berlin numberplate, which just proves that all the cities in Germany really *do* look pretty much the same.
6. It was great.
7. Really, really great.
8. It may or may not have ended with a polyamorous relationship between the three main characters.
9. I loved it.

So yeah, was definitely worth it.

Then after that we came out and decided to go to Fortnum and Mason, because Claire had to get some presents for people she’s going to stay with in Deustchland. We got mini-hampers in the end, which is rather cool. Not that impressed with F&M though, I have to say. Oh, and they had all these insect food things – cheese flavoured worms, scorpion-in-lollipop, oh and giant hornet honey WITH A HORNET IN IT. The ingredients said: Giant Hornet Honey, Giant Hornet.

Er, thanks but no thanks.

Then we went to Waterstone’s, where I got a book called The Bitch Goddess Notebook, a Su Doku book for Dad for going to China, and The Collector’s Edition of Victorian Erotica. Haven’t read any of it yet, though.

Then I think we staggered back to the station via Baskin Robbins in the Trocadero, where I had pralines & cream (yum,) and pistachio almond fudge (strangely flavourless).

At home, I got my shoes off, thankgodthankgodthankgod, and Dear had cooked dinner. It was pasta with salmon in a white wine and mushroom sauce. It was lovely. Plus, she’d got us crème brulee things for dessert YAY.

Watched La Haine with Dear, and she enjoyed it very much. Then watched Doctor Who, which was FAB. I loved it. This will probably not surprise anyone as, well, reality TV! Woo!! Also, Lynda-with-a-y was the firewoman in the end-of-the-world episode of Spooks. Then I watched Doctor Who confidential, which was mostly pointless, but by this point I’d gone through tired and come out the other side. Eventually I went to bed at 2. Great. That was clever.

Sunday I stayed in bed, mostly sleeping, until 10.30. Wow. Then went off to Eltham to meet Claire, and we went to Smith’s, because, um, I bought a magazine I might already have had. Oops. Luckily they let me exchange it. Then we went on a wander, including Claire’s Accessories where Claire got this funky brooch in the shape of an 80s stereo, and we got earrings. Oh, and she got Nesquick and peanut butter flavour lipbalm. That’s two lipbalms, btw.

Went into Peacocks and got another square-necked top, so woo. Then went back to Claire’s for a while for CDs and stuff before toddling off home for a barbeque.

Did ironing first. Yawn. Realised that Dear does not wear more clothes than me, it’s just that she only irons about once every three weeks. Watched Doctor Who again, and then went downstairs to be sociable after being told off by Dear *rolleyes*.

Barbecue was lovely, great food, yum meat and baked potatoes and minted lamb things and woo. We also have this chimera thing which we had burning away, and I got some fab film and pictures of really massive flames going woo. If I knew how to get rid of the sound, I’d post it (because most of it is accompanied by insulting comments going back and forth*).

Er…not sure what happened to the rest of the evening. I suppose I sat outside for a while, and then I played around with the laptop. And, er, that’s it. Yay.

Oh, and this morning I got woken up by the bastard washing machine beeping a ‘help me, I’m going wrong’ beep. At 6.30. so I went and helped it, and then the bastard thing finished its cycle at 7 a.m. GAH. I’m going to bed early tonight.

One last thing. In one of the charity shops on the High Street, there’s a volume of the Wordsworth Encyclopaedia (paperback), from grill to micron. I am intrigued. Why is there only one volume? Who would have volume G – M of an encyclopaedia? Should I buy it?