June 10th, 2005

Don't look at me that way

Hey! Pretties! I’m in a very strange mood today, I’m all up! And sparkly! And look, exclamation marks!

YEAH. Anyway, I look good, had to give up on the sexy shoes as my feet hurt and the rash on my leg flared up (OWOWOW, incidentally, and yes this is the one I got about 2 years ago when I went to visit Claire in Germany), but I’m wearing a cute top with a big flower design and I’m going out tonight and all that jazz, so woo. Seafood!

And I watched House and it was ace and I will hopefully remember to watch it from now on Yay good tv. Nip/Tuck is also back so WOO! And I have no shame and I might just have a new tv crush, and it might just be um, someone from Hollyoaks. And they might be, um, a few years younger than me.

And tomorrow Claire and I are going to shopping and I am going to buy chocolates from Selfridges and then we’re going to see The Edukators, and then I’m going to come home and have dinner with Dear and we’re going to watch La Haine (because she stood me up the other night, quelle surprise). And then Sunday I think I’m going to cart myself off to Stratford to see La Belle et La Bete all on my lonesome because Dear is gardening and Claire has golf.

Culture, people, culture.

Also, um, no, it’s gone. There are more lovely pictures over on monica_daily, and there’s this community I rather like the look of called foto_decadent. Scheck das out, as Claire says.

Oh and I have a Back the Bid flag making my desk more colourful, courtesy of the MOp people.