June 7th, 2005

They pulled me back and held me down

O M G W T F?

I am getting sick of the semi-literate monkeys over at the MOP company (God, I hope none of them ever read this!). I can’t decide whether I’m more pissed off by a) their inability to spell/ use English or b) their apparent refusal to CHECK THEIR RECORDS before telling me I haven’t done something.

Also, LTC2 is an annoying cow. There is no real update to this situation, save that when we filled in the questionnaire for our meeting the other day, I wish that I’d used the space under ‘what three things would make this a perfect company to work for?’ to write ‘volume control for certain members of staff’.

M is also annoying. Stuff happens. Lines on the DB (one day I may post a screencap of the DB but with details clouded, obviously – just so you can see what I do all day) get deleted by accident, but this is not a big deal when I track every-funking-thing I do (that’s another rant). For some reason, she cannot just accept ‘Oops, deleted by accident, all fixed now.’ She has to know *why*. I’ve been getting a bit sharp with her recently, because I’ve been trying to point out that if it happened any time before the last week, I don’t know. There is next to no chance of me remembering, so just let me fix it and sod off! And anyway, it was a mistake, there was no *reason*! Askjfhksafjsnklvn dkvnlsdnv.


Thus concludes the rant for today.

Or not.

Why oh why oh why does nobody read the emails I send them? Yet another useless one I could have done without has come in, all because the lady loves milk tray they couldn’t be arsed to read my email properly. GAH!!!!