June 6th, 2005

If ever there’s a girl that can rock your world

LTC2 wants the moon on a stick. Sadly, I do not want to give it to her. *SMACK*

Hm. Well, had a very low key weekend. Went to net café and library, got books (more on those when I can remember the titles), downloaded stuff (if by stuff you mean ‘lots of nsync interviews and pictures and vids’), went home. Had pasta with tiger prawns and asparagus for dinner.

Loved loved loved Doctor Who, though I wish they’d stop making Mickey be *quite* so useless. I like him. Do not quite hate Captain Jack the way I did before, but still not sure I like him. Did look quite nice in that t-shirt, though, I must say (actually, they all looked really good this week, even Eccleston, though that is relative). My dad must think I’m mad when we watch it together, because I just grin like an idiot the whole way through. Have been dangling it like a carrot for myself – I can’t watch it again until I’ve done xyz. *sigh*

Watched Revenge of the Sith yesterday (pirate copy, so once again saved from having to go to the cinema on my own). Quality was not too bad, though a little pixellated. Also not sure it was 100% complete, but whatever. Was quite enjoyable, though not that fab, and due to the DVD skipping I got to see General Grievous dying twice, hahahahahaha. Or was this in the actual film?

And as predicted, I had terrible trouble watching the end and not going ‘I will have the penne a la arrabiata. I do not need a tray.’ Etc. etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum.

And yes, I was on my own.

Oh well.

Ha, I’ve just been complimented on my minute-taking skillz. I rule. Incidentally, M (who cannot burn a CD) took minutes for the last meeting and reckoned she’d never done it before. The woman’s in her fifties, she’s worked in offices for thirty years and she’s never taken minutes before? What the funk has she been doing? (my guess is moaning).

Dear and I have been making plans to watch the VC bits of Ocean’s Twelve, and the extras on the Blade Trinity disc. Tonight may be the night we implement those plans. Shallow, us?

(incidentally I changed my desktop last night, got rid of all the icons I don’t use and - oh yeah – changed the background to that luscious shot of George Clooney and Vincent Cassel with the lake behind them. I love it lots).

Have just realised I have a file zipping program on this machine. Hm.

O M G W T F. seriously.

Say someone sends you an email about a contract. There are many mistakes on this contract, including the billing address, contact details, OH AND THE COMPANY NAME. Someone sends you an email asking you to make amendments.

Do you:

a) make said amendments quickly and send the contract off?
b) make none of the amendments, but resend it anyway?

Funking MOP company bastards!!