June 4th, 2005


Bromley Library has *banned* livejournal!! ARSE!!!


Am feeling better atm. Thanks for comments and texts :) I'm being looked after, which is nice as it's normally me trying to look after everyone else. Dear bought me the coolest Emily purse which was sweet of her. It's possibly cooler than the one I bought.

Had a slow morning, watched a load of nsync stuff because it JC month AND TrickC month in various people's journals, and woohoo vids and stuff. Also many, many pictures. I have about 60 JC pictures, which means he's about second behind Monica. Only about 40 Vincent pictures, which is frigging criminal. I'm off to cassel_daily to try and rectify this.

Oh, and I want to be Annie (swedish popgirl). Her album is the poppiest electro *ever* and it's ace.

I forgot to mention we have an American staying with us. Nephew of Lesley's friend that she and Dad stayed with when they went on honeymoon. He's ok, a little bit odd, and a bit hard to understand (Dear had no problem though).

Blonde moment of the day:

Me: And we've got posh pasta for tonight. Tagliatelle alla'uovo.
Dear: Is that French or Italian?
Me: ...Italian, Dear. It's pasta.
Dear: Oh. Yeah.

Dammit, I'm sure there was something else. Never mind.