June 1st, 2005

Oh yes, I know, I feel it in my bones

Weekend stuff soon, but first: I bought Ocean’s Twelve. Yes, the DVD has no extras and this is intensely annoying. However, in the event of a DVD with loads of extras coming out (unlikely), I will sell this one to Dear.

Anyway, have yet to rewatch the film properly, but have rewatched the Vincent Cassel bits about three times each. My God. He is the most gorgeous man on the face of the planet, oh yes he is.

Still annoyed by the stupid plot, though.

Right, weekend. Saturday morning did loads of cleaning by accident, because by the time I noticed I was cleaning at 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning, I was in the middle of it all. Bah.

Saturday lunchtime I took myself off to Claire’s and we went down to see Crishna and Den Swindon Den. A sort-of Moletalk meet-up. Hooray! Went off to Kingston, where we had Shakeaway. Had a banoffee muffin one first time round (with marshmallows) and later on I had a toffee popcorn one (with marshmallows), which was infinitely better than I was expecting. Is there a Shakeaway community, I wonder?

Did loads of shopping, and got 4 tops in Espirit! FOUR!! Was impressed. One of them Claire found for me and it’s a sequin/button butterfly on a black top and omg it’s the best top ever. Also got a vest top with a sequin heart, a black one with silver lines on it, and, um, another one. Oh, it’s dark blue and it’s really cute.

Got some magazines in Borders (now there’s a big surprise) and also had cookie. Then we went back to Crishna’s where Claire and I ooohed and aaahed over her glass suncatcher things which are fab, and oh forgot to mention – I picked up the one she made for me for Lesley. I’ve got the picture somewhere, I’ll try and remember to post it. Oh, and Crishna, she really loved it :).

Ohmigod, I almost forgot: STICKER MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

You remember a few years ago, all these Japanese sticker machines sprung up all over the place and they were really brightly coloured and loud, and you got our picture taken and it came out on stickers and the all of a sudden they all disappeared?

Last time she came to Kingston, Claire found one.

We went again.

We had our picture taken.


I may try to scan them. They’re teeny so I’m not sure it’ll work.

Watched Doctor Who there, didn’t enjoy it as much as last week’s, and I don’t care what the rest of you say, SMALL CHILDREN ARE CREEPY. Children freak me out. So there. Also dancing no. And I may have to watch 28 Days Later again.

Went home, forgot about Murder In Suburbia, funk funk funk. I don’t suppose anyone saw it? (anyone who doesn’t think it’s crap, I know it is really, but it’s fun crap and Lisa Faulkner’s in it). Can’t remember the rest of the evening.

Sunday morning did cleaning stuff AGAIN. What the hell? Didn’t my brain get the ‘weekend off’ message? Must have done other stuff too, but no idea what. Then Claire, Ella, Sian (friends of Claire’s) and I went to Bromley. It’s a good thing I didn’t go planning not to spend anything, isn’t it?

Bought 2 more tops in Mark One, a bright blue one and a white one with a flower design on it, and a blue skirt which swishes rather nicely. Also got cakes from French market that was in Bromley, had something called a Brest De Paris, which appeared to be Choux pastry and yummy cream and got a tarte au citron for Monday which was lush. Oh and I bought some randomly flavoured Turkish Delight, too (coconut and cherry vanilla. Yum!)

Also I got some lovely twisty rings in Bay Trading and the funkiest bracelet ever (I will either find a picture of this or take one and post it, because it’s that fab)

Then I think I may have gone home, because it was Lesley’s birthday and we were doing presents and stuff. Dad had taken her out to Kew Gardens ^_^ anyway, Dear and I had got her a perfume (Miracle – think it’s Estee Lauder) and this box of foodie stuff from Culpeper, and I gave her the glass thing too, so woo.

Then…I have no idea. Hang on, I’ve missed something…oh, Saturday night, Dear (who is now obsessed with Vincent Cassel) and I watched BOTW (while I reorganised my laptop files). Still great. Still much laughing at Samuel Le Bihan being The Frenchest Man Ever, Dear still does not see the appeal of Monica. Yay fan of death. Yay Vincent.

So, um, Monday I was determined to do sod all, but still ended up cleaning. Cleaned out wardrobe, condensed bead stuff from 3 boxes to one (ha ha GO ME), um…did other stuff. Then faffed about with computer and continued reorganising my files, which was actually quite enjoyable, so clearly there is no hope for me. Did some writing, did some picture stuff, watched Spooks, did Spooks 103 recap, which was fun, aaaaaaaand that was about it. Fabulous day, actually.

And yesterday, I leant something new. I learnt how to put prices into the tender template. Know what else I learnt? IT’S BLOODY BORING.

Then after work I went to buy Ocean’s Tweleve and the Kaiser Chiefs album because Every Day I Love You Less And Less will not leave me alone. Oh, and it’s Springwatch week on t’BBC, which is almost as good as Big Cat Week (maybe better, actually, now I think about it).

Is the new Gorillaz album any good, by the way?

And a new low in Han’s life (can’t believe I’m admitting this, but here goes nothing):

Dear and I wanted to watch the Hollyoaks: In Too Deep thing last night, but being the fantastic super genius I am, I forgot to start recording till halfway through. So, people on my flist, did any of you watch it? More importantly, will you admit to watching it? Would you be able to tell me what happens? Was it any good?

Many thanks :)

*expects no replies because most people will not have watched it, or if they did will not be so daft as to admit.*