May 26th, 2005

I wanted to be an accomplice

Is it Thursday already?

I think for everyone’s sanity you can insert your own Han-style wibbling about this film, as I never make sense when I talk about films I like. Suffice it to say, WATCH NINE QUEENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes it’s Argentinian, yes it’s subtitled, if this is a problem for you, GET OVER IT. Trust me. Great film. (Swindon Den, this does not apply to you as i) as if and ii) is not SF)

Dear and I watched it last night, after I spent the best part of an hour talking her down again. She keeps saying that we must be getting tired because *she’s* getting tired of it, and I keep having to lie and say no. I would be less tired if she was in a state to accept that if you’re going to give it out, you have to be prepared to take it, but there we go (apparently we were all ganging up on her last night. Bollocks.)

However, doctor’s appointment today, and fresh pasta for dinner (woo!)

In relation to writing and pic stuff and website and that, and it is killing me to say this, but I think I’m going to have to scrap any immediate goals I have for ANYTHING**. If it happens, great, but it probably won’t, because I do not have the energy to deal with Dear and carry on as normal (and yes, I know, this is essentially a form of emotional blackmail, but there is a big problem here, and I’d rather let my stuff drop for a while than have to spend another night at the hospital kthxbi)

I could be wrong. She might show a quick improvement (especially if *please* she gets prescribed something), and I might find I can do it all, but I figure a pessimist is never disappointed, right? (even though it took me a long time to give up my pessimism and I rather liked being an optimist)

Can you be an optimistic cynic? (I hope so, or what am I?)

Have just read in sortofyeah post (think it was taraljc that Steven Moffat wrote the Empty Child eps. So he CAN write a consistently good programme! Why can’t he do that with Coupling, then, hm? HM?

And I miss Spooks.

** OTOH, I currently have four original WiPs, thankyouverymuch.