May 25th, 2005

Too much fighting on the dancefloor

Dear Bexley Council,

If at all possible, could you please connect up some wind turbines on Station Road? There’s definitely enough to go round, and this way the wind would be doing something useful, rather than just making me look like a mad woman who doesn’t brush her hair.



Ps and it’s not like they’d be an eyesore – have you *seen* Marlowe House?

Forgot to mention I got a new perfume on Saturday (not Beyond Paradise, that’ll be soon). It was Secret Wish by Anna Sui, and it smells of grapefruit. Other stuff too, but mainly grapefruit. Yay! It also came with a free Anna Sui bag that is shiny metallic pink. I have agreed to share it with Dear, though I’ll probably never use it myself.

Can’t get Photobucket to bloody upload anything, which is annoying as I want to post some pics. Can’t get Yahoo to let me into my emails, so had to check comments via LJ (I prefer the email notifications because it’s plainly set out ). Internet does not like me today.

Part of this ongoing stuff at work is being tasked to do various things. At the moment I am listening to an audiobook called FOCUS: unleashing your potential (or something), which is written by the bloke who wrote 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People.

It’s quite endearing, in a way. I haven’t made it to the actual DO THIS part yet, but basically if I follow their models and plans for 21 days, woo I’ll be happier and get all my work done. We’ll see. Oh, and thus far, the point seems to be: you cannot manage time, just what you do with that time. Yeah.

We’ve just got phone headsets here :) Fun. Not sure how well anyone’s is working, but there’s 12 possible configuration settings and I’m flicking through most of them trying to get it set up. Yay microphone.

Oh my good God, I have no idea what’s happening to me at the moment. Sunday night – 9.5 hours sleep. Monday night – 8 hours sleep. Tuesday lunchtime – massive energy crash and I was so tired for the rest of the day. And then I went to bed at 9.30. WTF?

(alright, yes, it probably has something to do with Dear, but I’ve never had a reaction like this before. Usually I just get indigestion)

Claire said last night maybe I needed to relax more and do less computer stuff (I can’t remember the exact words), which usually would be a very, very valid point (Han/laptop OTP, as it were). HOWEVER, I have hardly used the laptop since last week, I haven’t been doing anything I wanted, I’ve been writing pen and paper because I don’t have the energy to switch the laptop *on*, and Monday night the only thing I did with it was watch Crimson Rivers (oh, monsieur Cassel *thud*)

It is very weird. Today I am trying not to do very much. I’m not even going out at lunch.

In better news, Dear has a doctor’s appointment Thursday to discuss all this. Yay for medication (her, not me).

In much better news, Claire and I are off to Woking (Dear was amused to discover the original tripods in War of the Worlds landed at Woking) to meet up with Crishna and Den and have Shakeaway. Shakeaway yayness!! And I get to pick up the lovely glass thing (if there’s a picture below, I bothered to check the link at lunchtime) for Lesley.

ETA: Crishna and Den, is it ok if we come down for the afternoon? Claire has something on in the morning.

ETA II: Question for Crishna and Claire if she reads this – do you think it’s feasible for me to ask them to put a milkshake in a thermos for Dear? She really wants a strawberry cheesecake one.

ETA III: must find Shakeaway card(s)

ETA IV: Last one, promise. Marshmallows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then Sunday is Lesley’s birthday, and Monday is A Day Off. I may just write and do html all day.

Final point: so far it is 5 p.m. and I am not exhausted. Go me.