May 23rd, 2005

Whales and Dolphins, yeah

Have ranted about Dear in flocked entry, so can get on with the decent parts of the weekend. Barely touched laptop (AGAIN) which is beginning to annoy me now, because I spend so much time doing other stuff that I don’t get a chance, and when I do try and do html stuff/writing/photoshop stuff during the week, I’m too tired.

Friday night I can’t actually remember, though Dear got silly about something (‘you always do special meals when I’m not here.’ No, they do them every Saturday, whoever is here, pay attention) Oh, I remember, I had to talk her through something again. Saturday we went to Bromley shopping, which was mostly okay except for her bizarre paranoia about teenagers (essentially teens are the spawn of the devil, they ALL go around in groups doing this happy slapping thing and OMG they WILL beat her up – oh, and by the way, she’s 19, is 5’10” and not exactly a shrinking violet, and she was funking HORRIBLE when she was in her mid teens, so she would know!) and her stropping every time I said, well, anything, and then turning to me and going ‘I think we’re just rubbing each other up the wrong way today, I think we’ve both said stuff.’ No, I think you’re fucking paranoid. I swear, I’m not going anywhere else with her anytime soon, then at least she’ll be paranoid for a reason.

Bought more DVDs. Now own all three series of Ultimate Force. YEAH. Also bought the Producers for Dad, and Resident Evil: Apocalypse (yay!) and Dr Strangelove. Should have bought another DVD box, but Dear was making ominous ‘I am tired and therefore about to sulk’ noises. Joy.

Saturday evening I went to Claire’s to watch Eurovision on german tv. The Eurovision Party thing was a bit weird, though it did feature Melanie C and Lisa Stansfield (still too thin). Eurovision itself was good fun, recap thing tomorrow (late, I know). Oh, and the winning song was crap.
Sunday I ironed (yawn) and watched Doctor Who (yay!) Tape recorded properly this week. Enjoyed most of it, thought not convinced by pilot guy…at all really. Also SMALL CHILDREN ARE CREEPY, YO. I have known this for YEARS. Did not know it was a two parter so I was gutted when it finished. And thanks to BBC for warning us about the trailer (that wasn’t sarcastic).it was a struggle, but I made myself switch off, and am now unspoiled. Woo!

(NB: anyone who thinks it might be funny to tell me what happens next week, please don’t)

Also Sunday afternoon, I got my pick and mix (YAY!) that I’d been after since Friday, and loads of popcorn, and off we went to see Hictchiker’s. I enjoyed it lots, Dear didn’t, Claire quite liked it but preferred the books.

Then I came home and had dinner and didn’t move very much at all and I went to bed at 9.30. Yay sleep. Oh, and I started reading THE BEST BOOK EVER. It’s called Maul, and it’s by a lady called Tricia Sullivan, and hahahahahaha it’s about teenage girls shopping and shooting each other. :D I love it.

I may have mentioned this before, but MOPs are THE MOST pointless, labyrinthine, ridiculous, idiotic, convoluted stupid system EVER.

Oh, and as a final thing, Ocean's Twelve is out on DVD this Friday. W00t!