May 20th, 2005

But I don’t think so, maybe I definitely know

A big thanks and hugs to everyone who replied to my last couple of posts. Dear had phoned the hospital, at least, and said she had a better day yesterday (and then went off to the Idiot Boyfriend’s house – ha, that’s his acronym, IB). I feel a lot better, and my head’s a lot clearer now. I keep meaning to do an explanatory nickname post, because I never really explain who these people are… na ja. Maybe tomorrow.

Also, I went to bed early last night after virtually falling asleep at the table. That helped. And hopefully Dear, Claire and I are going to see H2G2 on Sunday (yay!). Also I may be online tomorrow afternoon, if anyone’s about.

You know what I want right now? Peking Duck. Seriously.

Desperate Housewives was great again, though not as good as last week’s due to the presence of Zack (Zach?) who REALLY gets on my nerves. Woo mystery and intrigue though. It ends on the 1st of June. Whatever will I do? (and seriously, if you can’t guess that the answer is ‘buy the DVD’, you just haven’t been paying attention)

Is it really Friday? Good Lord.


Dear LTC2,

Please stop moaning. Given all the stuff we’ve got going on, sometimes little updates for changing one letter on the database (Y to N) get lost. Sorry. This does not give you an excuse to go on about how you gave R the information ‘a month ago’ (love the way you then revised that to three weeks, btw. You wouldn’t have been blowing up your complaining a little, would you?)

Sod off, please.


M managed not to complain about the database today, though. And I asked for more money, got told maybe and we’d see at June review, which is fair enough. I guess I’ll just have to be extra swish with the contracts. I’m kind of looking forward to it now. In fact, (and I possibly should be worried) I’m looking forward to have an outlet to get annoyed at people!!
Woo, got tagged for this meme by delgerasca.
1) Total number of books I own: From the look of it, somewhere between 150 – 200. Wish it was more. One day…
2) The last book I bought: It was League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. II, but proper books were Freya North – Polly (hahaha, Claire and I read her stuff to bitch about it), and a short story book by A.L. Kennedy (?? I like short stories and it was in the charity shop).
3) The last book I read: Ha. Ha Ha Ha!!!! (that’s a triumphant laugh, by the way) Just yesterday morning I finished An Instance Of The Fingerpost by Iain Pears (which I bought in 2003). It took me AGES. I’m reading four other books atm. Go me.
4) Five books that mean a lot to me:
Can I just say OMG THIS WAS SO HARD. Probably because I get a lot of books from the library and then don’t remember the titles. And I don’t know if ‘mean a lot to me’ is the right phrase.
1. Ella Minnow Pea Simon Jones I went on about this in my journal last year, and I love it. It’s just a sweet, sweet thing.
2. An Instance of The Fingerpost I kept finding myself wanting to make notes in the margin as I went through it, and sticking post-it notes on various pages.
3. A Nice Girl Like Me – Abigail Bosanko Light, fluffy, posh, clever chick lit. Made me break my own rule on not keeping hold of chick lit books.
4. Medea Christa Wolf I’ve not even finished this one yet, but it’s a retelling of Medea’s story and it’s fantastic. I am a sucker for Greek Myth stories.
5. Battle Royale Koushon Takami Because sometimes, the inside of my head is a bit like this.
5) Tag 5 people and have them fill this out in their ljs: keladeekadys, kikishua, sensaes, megaleena and _phoe

Oh, bugger, I was going to add something else and now it’s gone out of my brain. Gah. Oh, I know!. This was in metaquotes, Den (Swindon Den):

In a recent entry, murnkay relates a recent IM exchange he had with his good friend mightywombat regarding their plan to watch Return of the Jedi this evening:

Me: We should get food and toss on Jedi... but ... Ewoks... Yub yub.

Him: Yub nub. We'll put on subtitles. I'll show you.

Me: I don't care if it's yub yub, yub nub, yub jub, yub flub ... yub club.

Him: The first rule of Yub Club is you don't yub about Yub Club. The second rule of Yub Club is... you do not yub about Yub Club.

Me: If it's your first night at Yub Club, you have to yub.

As the Royal Mail used to want us to think, I saw this and thought of you…

Oh, and finally, I signed up for a Photobucket account but it wouldn’t let me upload stuff. I’m hoping it’ll work today so I can upload and post the Germany thing (no, I haven’t forgotten) as, well, CHOCOLATE MUSEUM!!!! Plus pictures of Claire et moi and a big cow.