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May 17th, 2005 - I'm only going to say this once — LiveJournal
Twice, if I have to go to court

Date: 2005-05-17 17:06
Subject: minirants
Security: Public
Dear colleague (not LTC 2),

Please stop complaining. Especially about the Royal Funking Mail. I know they’re rubbish. You know they’re rubbish. However, I really do not need to hear about every parcel you’ve ever sent that has gone astray.

Please stop complaining about MOP contracts, as you don’t do them anymore and won’t be taking them on.

Please stop complaining about normal contracts, as you’ve got what you wanted – they will soon be someone else’s responsibility (i.e. mine). I really don’t need to hear how shit they are.

Oh, and while I’m here, please learn how to use your damn computer.



Ps OMFG woman, stop moaning about how long contracts take! A) this does not make me feel any better and B) your system is crap!

Dear colleague (LTC2),

Stop moaning. You do not have the hardest job in the world. You are not the only person to ever have had to speak to a client about what you do. In fact, you knew about this in advance when everyone else was told they might need to explain things to the client the morning of the day he was coming in, and you don’t hear the rest of us complaining, do you? No, because we can’t get a word in edgeways.



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