May 16th, 2005

No, I’ll go the whole hog, give me 111 wishes

Warning: long entry, possibly confused tenses, French, pictures of mad German bloke.

Wow, proper French! I bought some gel pens in Woolworths today and this amuses me:

Écrit en douceur! A fière allure! Confort garanti! Le stylo à bille roulante gélatineuse Gel.Max de Paper Mate est dote du système d’encre gel-Glide dernier cri exclusive, qui permet de faire des traits vifs et précis. Le prise coussinée du Gel.Max procure unconfrt égal à son allure.

Paper Mate. Au couer de la communication.

Bought SFX Thursday, was quite good this month (though couch potato is becoming less and less funny). Mainly for the Batman Begins feature and HELLO CHRISTIAN BALE. I may have been drooling. A bit. I did keep mentioning it all the way through Blade: Trinity, which I rented because Dear hadn’t bought it yet. HELLO RYAN REYNOLDS. Suddenly all her blathering about his chest was not the rambling of a madwoman, but the words of a perfectly sane being. Woo.

So, the film. Was entertaining, but lacking. Bits that could have been really good – like the blood farm, which is a funking creepy idea – were just not developed, and it was a bit too surface-flash. And what was the subplot with the blind woman and her kid? Was there a reason she was blind or was it just to make the wandering around the dark base creepier?

Found I actually couldn’t care less what happened to Blade this time round, which is kind of a shame when he’s the main character. On the plus side, Abigail Whistler was SO COOL, and so was Hannibal King, although the poor boy got kicked about a bit, didn’t he? And that thing with the beam of UV light was cool too.

Also, vampire dogs. What the funk?

There were three Iranian films on BBC2 in the early hours of this morning, but I forgot to set the video :( I know, I know, could I get any more pretentious? (I don’t know, but when I find out, I’ll let you know) I don’t have any particular fondness for Iranian cinema, but it was on, and I thought I’d record it and see if it was any good because there was a looooooong article in Sight & Sound about it.

Managed to find a computer mag that had loads of funky software, including an html editor, fonts and a thing to make little shockwave movies, so MAYBE I’ll actually get on with finally doing a decent website.

Am off to London tonight to go to cinema with Claire, and Yo and quite possibly Bar Nordic. This time I will remember to get the cocktail menu off the website because you need to know about these cocktails. Trust me.

Oh, and I had a funking horrible dream last night. I was walking along Tottenham Court Road, and this guy was being really sleazy, and he kept following me, and he wouldn’t leave me alone, and then I was trying to get away from him, but he kept grabbing me, and I managed to get away from him, and I ran and hid in Borders, but not very well because he found me. I was trying to get the salesperson to ring 999 but they were talking on the phone, but he got there first and told the police it was me, and they wouldn’t believe me. Then I think I managed to cal Dad to pick me up, but it was horrible while it lasted.

Packed a lot into this weekend, oh yes.

Friday was not a good day. Boss called me in 15 minutes before big meeting to inform me that my job was changing. I am now going to be a tender team executive and rather than doing database updates, database extracts, MOPs and Energy Monitoring, I will now be doing Database updates and Contracts.

NOT happy. Really not happy, as Contracts is a funking bitch of a job, and the woman who does is moans funking constantly about what she has to do, though apparently it will be better as we’re going to start from scratch with my bit. Ha. Wonderful. Also not happy as there was basically no choice for me in this, unless I wanted to switch over to the En.Mon/Extracts/Post position they’re creating, and essentially go nowhere.

I funking hate having to think about a career, you know. And the worst thing about all this was, I started sodding CRYING. In the meeting. Funking stupid brain. I hate crying in public. So, yeah. Didn’t go to meeting, Parita got me out of the office and took me to lunch, and I calmed down a bit. My boss spoke to the other tender team executive, and we’re going to split the contracts and see how it goes. Funk it, I like it here, I really don’t want to end up leaving because of this.

Then, when M – the lady who does contracts now – heard about me and R taking it over, and came over to tell me again how crap it is, and how long it takes, and how annoying all the suppliers are. Wow, thanks. Oh, and today she starts telling me how they’re reducing her money because she’s not doing contracts anymore, and she doesn’t think that’s right. Er, she’s giving up 70% of her job and she doesn’t think she should lose any money?

So I just kind of tried to be invisible for the rest of Friday, and then left work and went up to town and had sushi. WOO for Yo! Then we tried to go to see 5x2 but the Metro listings were lying about it being on, and as per usual we ended up right in the middle of all the films starting, so instead we went to Bar Nordic. I had a Northern Light, one Sveda Razzmatazz and one Sveda something else. Yay.

Saturday went shopping with Dear, and woo. We finally went to the new Forbidden Planet, even through it’s not very new anymore, and I got Zero Girl, which I’d been wanting to read since I read a review in SFX *years* ago. Was rather unsatisfactory from a story POV, but still quite cool.

Then we went up to Oxford Street, and I spent a load of money in Virgin Megastore, and meant to buy Look Around You as part of the b.o.g.o.f DVD thing they’ve got going on, but somehow picked up Love Actually instead, took it to the counter, paid for it and took it home without noticing. *facepalm* My only defence is that they must have been next to one another. Yeah.

Then Dear got a foot long Subway thing for lunch, and I got a chicken McPremiere which by the time I ate it was not what I wanted because McDonalds in the Plaza was really annoying. I should have got a pizza. Also they’d run out of diet coke. Gits.

Then we went to Music Zone, which is a cheap CDs/DVDs/STUFF shop, where they have all the Sin City books for £9 each (but I didn’t buy them, because the library has them). I spent even more money here, and got loads of DVDs, the first Muse album (FINALLY!!!!!!!!), and the Dark Knight Returns graphic novel. Oh and I got League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 2 in Virgin. Huzzah!

There will be an updated DVD list soon, and the fifth box? Is full. Ooops. I really may have to chuck loads of stuff because I am starting to run out of space. God knows what I can actually chuck, though – I’ve got loads of books that need good homes (I’ll try and get the list up tomorrow)

Hmmm, back to the shopping. We went back down Oxford Street, doing I-can’t-remember-what, and eventually made our way to the madness that is Regent Street, so we skipped off down one of the side streets. We went to the Lush that seems really, really tiny but is in fact BIG as it has two floors, and Dear did her usual flapping about it while I nodded and smiled and bought a bath ballistic.

Then we went back through the Trocadero and I had a Sundae. Yay! And honeycomb ice-cream, yo. And then we went home and I collapsed. Dear went off to her useless boyfriend’s.

Lesley had done baked trout filled with pine nuts, olives, sun dried tomatoes and ciabatta for dinner, which was nice but a bit too heavy as the starter was spaghetti with cherry tomatoes, prawns and asparagus. Still lovely overall.

My tape for Doctor Who didn’t record the first five minutes, which was severely annoying. Still haven’t had time to watch it.

Umm, then, Sunday, attempted to clean up room and bits of house, and then went out with Claire. We went to Canary Wharf shopping centre (it has a proper name but I can’t remember what) and it took us a while to find the proper shopping bits. Didn’t get much (for a change) but did get lemon crisps, yay. Ate a whole bag yesterday. Oh, and I bought Esquire because it had a free radio. Yes, I know it’s a magazine for men, but free radio! Dude.

Went to Matalan on the way back from Canary Wharf, and got some clothes which may or may not fit. We shall see. Still cheap.

And then. Well. Went to Claire’s, had dinner, watched some German TV in anticipation of…

Wetten, dass…?

Yes, it was time for Wetten, dass…? Aus die Türkei, and woo. There were 5000 people in this stadium thing. FIVE THOUSAND. Some of them were Turkish, but a large number had come over from Germany for this. Gottschalk was wearing white, and his shirt had ruffles (which I called, ha ha), and the bets tonight included a Chinese guy who could hold a 22kg bike up with his teeth while standing on light bulbs, a girl who could roller-skate a roll under a platform 25cm off the ground, and a couple that failed that are too complicated to explain.

Gottschalk was his normal charming/sleazy self, and celebrity guests included Germans even Claire had never heard of, Kimi Raikkonen and Paris Hilton.

Yes, Paris Hilton. This was the best programme EVER. Thomas really went into sleaze overdrive with her.

‘Look, they all want you, but they can’t have you, you’re mine, all mine.’

Direct quote, I swear. And seriously? I felt sorry for the girl, Gottschalk kept getting *really* close to her and ick. Oh, and I took a photo of him which is now my phone background. Here is the man in all his glory:

My normal picture ftp thing doesn't seem to be working, so only links (but they're worth clicking on, the man has to be seen to be believed)

Oh, and Shakira was on, doing her new song which was pretty cool, though she looked a bit sunburnt. When she was done, he gave her flowers and:

‘You look so beautiful today.’
‘Oh, thank you, you look so handsome today.’
‘Hey, I looked handsome yesterday.’

Eh? Oh, and he kept doing really bad impressions of Chinese speaking, and at one point made the joke ‘for once, there are more Germans in Turkey than there are Turks in Germany!’ Yeah.

We decided we have to find out when the show is on somewhere we can get to in Germany, and we’re going to go, oh yes.

Back to the job thing (if anyone’s made it this far) my options as far as I can see, are:

1. Take on database and contracts and see how it goes, with possibility it could go utterly, utterly, horribly wrong.
2. Take the easy job, which involves Energy Monitoring, MOPs, database extracts with possibility of doing Tenant Billing, with possibility of being bored.

I really am stuck about where to go with this. Being my father’s daughter, I have a feeling I’m going to end up taking on the contracts/database one because I have to prove that I can do it etc etc. However, I have no idea if this’ll do me any good in the long run (from a peace-of-mind perspective as well as from a career perspective). The other thing is, of course, that if I do take the easy option, I’ll know that I wimped out.

I hate thinking about stuff like this, I’d rather just let someone else deal with it (on which note, I should really sort out my stuff with the financial advisor). And if I am going to take on the contracts part, should I ask for more money? More to the point, should I ask for more when I’m pretty sure it’ll be turned down, or told we’ll see in December? Will that work for me or against me?