May 11th, 2005

I’d have a Midas touch and not a nervous twitch

Possibly the real reason I am having trouble with Spooks fic is that every damn time I write some, it just makes my brain go ‘ooh! Meta!’ However, I’m ignoring this current point until I’ve posted at least three Spooks fics (and if all goes well, that’ll be one Fiona/ Adam, one Sam and one Danny/Adam and it’ll be soon).

I watched most of Life Isn’t All Ha Ha Hee Hee, but didn’t enjoy it that much. Plus, Tania needs a smack. Also watched some Bad Girls, because...oh, I have no idea why. Partly for Natalie, I’ll admit that. And yay for the way every soap actress ever ends up in it at one point or another. It certainly isn’t for the damn plot. And I watched a bit of League of Gentlemen, which basically just confirmed to me that, um, I can’t watch it.

By the way, in upcoming television, Celebrity Love Island (ahahahahahaa, Microsoft Word tags that as a Smart Tag – for directions!) looks like the shitest thing EVER. Worse than Celebrity Wrestling, in fact.

I have done sod all today, as I have had to speak to people on the phone and I hate doing that. actually, I’ve done a lot yesterday and today, despite having to speak to people on the phone. And yes, I meant hate talking on the phone at work.

Oh God, and guess what? Ultimate Force Series 3 is out on DVD too!! I can have all 3 series and watch big boomy explosions to my heart’s content (and see the episodes of S3 that I missed). Yay!

And *sigh*

Dear Colleague,

Please do not say ‘I don’t want to give you more work to do’ just before giving me a task that will take ages and which you could sodding well do yourself. This kind of thing makes me angry, and you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.



Ps alright, you probably don’t like me much anyway, but still.

And again,

Dear LTC2,

Stop moaning. You validate invoices. You check FIGURES. It’s not hard! And don’t complain to me about a site I’ve missed in some silly tone trying to imply it’s a bit of a joke. If I have funked up, tell me. Then let me fix it. Job done.



I know, I know, I screwed up and can’t dictate how someone reacts to that, but it’s the jokey tone that people use that bugs me. Probably because it delays me putting it right – I try and get this across to Dear and it doesn’t work – just tell me what’s wrong, tell me how to fix it, and I will. No need for all this faffing about.

God, Dear was right. That really is my new favourite word.

ETA: I looked at the UF DVD in Woolworths today and it only has 4 episodes on it. Is that right? I thought it was a six episode series, but I can't remember.