May 9th, 2005

Keep it coming baby, can you dig it?

WELL. This weekend was about a squillion times better than I could have hoped for. Although I didn’t get enough sleep but that’s my own stupid fault. Going to bed at 10 tonight (ha ha HA)

Friday night Dad did a really nice curry that wasn’t mild, and I didn’t feel like my mouth was on fire, so there’s hope that I may be building up a resistance to spicy foods. And I stayed up till 1.30 watching tv and making Anji icons (regardez le icon!). Also we rewatched Hustle so Dad could see it. That was a terrible trial, as I’m sure you can tell (actually, not going ‘squeeeeee!!’ really loudly was a trial). And can I just say once again: HE PUSHED HIM IN THE CANAL. This will never get old.

Saturday I helped Dear clean the house, tidied my room and got rid of stuff and felt very accomplished, but a little bored, and then went round to Claire’s. She suggested going to McArthur Glen outlet thingy at Ashford, so off we went. Got to Ashford, and NO SIGNS. At all. Anywhere. So, rather than get lost in Ashford, we kept driving and went to Dover.

No, really, Dover. We were going to walk up the cliff path, but it was all overgrown and there was a dodgy looking guy there, so we didn’t. Instead, we walked along the seafront on the beach and stuff, and then along one of the piers, where we watched this mahusive cruise ship going out. It had LIFTS. On the ship. Sadly I’d forgotten my camera but I took some pics on phone.

Then we wandered back, and came back to Claire’s, where we had a woosome dinner of salmon, broccoli and pasta and salad (yum) and then we watched German and British music tv and looked up various internet things. London people, there’s an interview on B3TA with the guy who stands in Oxford Street with a megaphone going on about ‘are you a sinner or a winner?’. Apparently he also goes to Glastonbury…

Sunday Dad and I watched Doctor Who, and that Suki girl had stolen Ruth’s clothes and her hair (so much so that in the trailer the week before, I thought it was NW until I watched it again. Now *that* was a mood swing, let me tell you). Enjoyed it lots, though Russell had been rereading his copy of 1984, hadn’t he? Also Simon Pegg YAY. And hahahahahahahaha the ending. Though I was slightly upset that Adam turned out to be such a twit, because I kind of liked him. Na ja.

Then we realised he hadn’t seen the Dalek episode, so rewatched that. Watching Doctor Who while Lesley’s out seems to have become an Sunday morning tradition for us :) oh, and in Virgin yesterday I heard an ad for the DVD coming out on 16th May – that’s a bit quick isn’t it? (especially for the BBC – I won’t rant about it here, though) And on a slightly related note (and I know I’ve asked this many times) Hellboy three disc? Have they been stringing us along? Is it ever going to come out here? Claire’s going to Germany in July, should I just get her to get it over there?

Anyway, back to Sunday. Saturday morning, Dear and I had been talking about Eddie Izzard (as we frequently do) and decided we needed a new video as we’d pretty much memorised the ones we already had. I said I’d buy Dressed To Kill when I went out, and figured it would cost about £20, because for some reason they do. Sunday morning, Dear phoned from a car boot sale where she had found Dressed to Kill FOR A POUND. HA! How’s that for a slice of fried gold?

Went to Bromley with Claire, and bought boring stuff (knee highs for work, hand cream etc), nice smelling stuff (BLACK CHERRY body spray. I could eat myself) and more DVDs (series 3 and 5 of Red Dawrf, on offer, couldn’t find series 4 so I’ll get it next time). Then came home and ironed, but watched Ice Cold In Alex to distract myself from the boringness of ironing. Hm, apparently boringness is actually a word. Who knew?

Also cleared out some of the drawers in my room (there are many – in cupboards, under the bed, bedside table etc) and discovered that I have a lot more headache tablets and assorted medicine things than I thought. Then omg omg looked in a little Next jewellery box thing (you know, the ones that are foldy cardboard) and discovered £80!!!! Flapped around the room for a bit, sent excited text message to Claire, and then realised that this was probably leftover birthday money, and I am such a twit, because I remember thinking in January that I’d spent it a bit fast, but obviously not making the connection. *headdesk* Still, £80 better off. Yo! Sushi, I think.

Finally, watched Spooks and wrote before going to bed. And how sad is this? I couldn’t watch 302, the one where Tom finally loses it. I didn’t want to see it, so I skipped to 303, and yay Ruth. Is NW in anything on tv soon, tv spies?

There’s no Hustle on this week, is there? *sniff*

ETA 1: Ocean’s 12, DVD, 27th May. Oh YEAH.
ETA 2: Guess what I forgot to set the tape up for this weekend? Ultimate Force. FUNK. I am a moron. *slaps self round the head*