May 4th, 2005

Hey now, who’s that with you?

Lyrics post soon, I think.

Hustle was ace and I am v upset it’s over. Yayness all round, and woo for returning police lady. Recap tomorrow. Also watched No Angels which was good. Love the bit with Kate shouting about ‘So, yes, I’m an alcoholic. Happy now?!’ Don’t really like the blonde one (can’t even remember the character name). Lia would be a lot more bearable if she’d just get over it and starting living life instead of whining about it, and Anji is, of course, the best thing ever. Also, I loved the jeans she was wearing when she went to visit the old guy.

Have had eye test today and discovered that while my eyesight is crap, it hasn’t got any worse since the last time I got them tested (about 3 years ago). This is good but not so good as now I’m not sure why I’m getting headaches (yes, alright, I probably use computers too much). However optician lady did recommend getting anti-glare coating for them, which I will do when I get new glasses.

Right, tonight I really must find a picture of Anji to make an icon.

You know the MOP thing I’ve mentioned occasionally? Can I just say that NO-ONE at the company can spell, or punctuate, and it’s really starting to bug me. *screws up paper because GAH*