April 27th, 2005

‘I nicked it from the children’s ward, they’ve got loads of toys down there.’

I managed to watch the last twenty minutes of No Angels. I didn’t realise they were such long series (10 eps rather than 6). Anji is just the loveliest thing ever. I really need an Anji icon. Must save pics/go look for NA communities.

Hustle was fantastic and made me squee continuously for the whole hour. Yay Stacie! And yay Ash! And my brain wants me to ship Stacie/Ash but I’m trying to resist. Also trying to resist signing up to do a Mickey/Danny essay thing for ship_manifesto.

I actually wrote a bit of Spooks today, which made a nice change (as I’m still have trouble with the end of S3 situation). Ruthfic as per usual, but it might work out. Once Hustle finishes I’ll just have to rewatch certain eps and bits with particular other characters, I think.

Doctor Who was ace, and the theme tune has been in my head since I watched it Monday night. Yay Shaun’s mum. The teasers are really starting to get on my nerves though – they’re way too revealing. OTOH, the Hustle practice of not doing *any* is really annoying too.

I have way too much to do before Friday (am off to Suffolk so packing etc), as I stupidly agreed to go shopping with Dear Thursday night. Also tonight is a write off as I have to do Hustle recap. Bugger.

Sky is very grey today (ETA: it tipped down with rain a while ago), and I have a packet of hob nob flapjacks in my drawer and I WANT ONE. Have chewing gum and diet vanilla coke instead (oh yay). Oh, it’d all rainy and thundery again. And yay I’m cooking enchiladas tonight.

Random character thinking: there’s this meme I’ve seen on metafandom where people have put the kind of characters they go for, thinking about it in relation to me, I’m not sure I actually have any types. I suppose you could say ‘people who know lots of stuff and figure things out’ (Ruth/Malcolm/Ash), and maybe ‘cheerful people’ (Sam/Anji) but I really can’t think of any specific types I’m guaranteed to go for.