April 25th, 2005

So get yourself together

Ow. Ouch, ouch, ow, ouch, ow. I am ACHING, yo.

Great weekend.

Friday left work early (woo) and went home and did a speedy clean of the house as Lesley was back that night. Then went off to attempt to catch train. Annoyingly the two o clock train took two hours to get up to Lincoln, but the three o’clock (which I got) took three hours. Such is life.

Train journey was nice, and was a lovely sunny day. Got to sit at Peterborough station for half an hour, so yes. As per usual the Central Trains service into Lincoln was formed of ONE CARRIAGE. Read 2/3 of Stephen Fry’s autobiography on the way up, was very entertaining.

Esther came to meet me at the station, and we made our way sloooooowly up the hill (not Steep Hill, but Springhill – it’s only evil as opposed to REALLY evil) then we decided that clearly we should get dinner from the Chinese fish and chip shop on Burton Road (I swear, all the fish and chip shops in uphill Lincoln are also Chinese takeaways). I had battered sausage and chips and it was LUSH. I think we just kind of sat around all evening talking and talking and watching crappy tv.

Saturday we lazed around in the morning, and then at about 11 Ellie arrived!!!! Ok, I knew she was coming, but squeeeeee hadn’t seen her since before Christmas! So after saying hello and having a drink and stuff, we went off into to town to shop. WOO!! Actually, we went down Springhill then decided to visit Esther’s housemate in the shop she works in, so we went back up Steep Hill straight away. OW.

Somehow I managed to do all my summer clothes shopping over the weekend, so in short: pretty top from some boutique-y place, nice chocolate for when I am eating it again, three skirts and two tops from Primark, one skirt and two t-shirts from Peacock’s, hair dye (which will not be used till next weekend as we figured out we needed two, really) aaaaand, um, snacky things.

After a very yummy lunch featuring chips again (this was the weekend of chips –three days in a row), we went to the cinema and saw Hitch, which was the only thing we could all agree on not minding seeing it (I would have preferred Sahara, but El hates Matthew McConaughey). It was quite funny, and I like Will Smith so that was good, but overall it was only about a 6 out of 10. The main plot – Will and Eva Mendes – was just flat and clichéd and dull and she was just really annoying, but the plot with the normal guy and Amber Valetta was quite sweet.

So, yeah, then we walked the nicest hill back up to the house (less steep but takes ages) and my legs hated me even then. And then we collapsed and had snacky things and talked again, and Ellie highlighted Esther’s hair and it looked really nice in the sunshine the next day. ^_^

We watched the last Casnova, which I hadn’t seen, and I thought it was good, though very dark and a bit psycho. And then, people, WELL. Esther had Love’s Labour’s Lost, which was one of Kenneth Branagh’s ‘ooh! Shakespeare!’ films, and we put that on. DUDE. No-one told me Mickey was in it!! OMG so yes. Adrian Lester. Singing and dancing and general aceness. Film was very very odd though, and the pacing was bizarre.

Sunday was nice and slow, and in the great Burton Road tradition we watched Hollyoaks. Then we went back into town and did more shopping :). We went for lunch in a place called Chillies, which is a Mexican restaurant and I had a lush lush lush burrito and chips again. Then Ellie had to go, and then sadly I had to go too. Walking down the hill with a very heavy suitcase was not fun, let me tell you.

Took ages to get home. Had to wait for half and hour at Retford, but luckily weather was nice so was ok. Finished Stephen Fry book and wrote some LC (which I may post) and some Hustle. Then got back to London and had to get from King’s Cross to London Bridge with suitcase. Then found out New Eltham station was SHUT, which I hadn’t checked before going because, well, I didn’t think of it. Called home and Dad said he’d pick me up from Eltham so *phew*. Had fun dragging suitcase on and off train, and then into car. Yay car, is all I can say :D

Yeah, so got home, said hi to Lesley and pretty much went straight to bed and was happily asleep. Then came to work today and OW back hurts. Keep having to shift but it hurts however I sit. Bah.
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