April 21st, 2005

Hustle 204

Two fab episodes in a row! This was ACE. Dear did not enjoy it, but I most certainly did. Oh, and again I’ve done it from the pov of watching it for the first time…

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They’re always wanting more and more

I wrote this yesterday, but it applies equally to today:

Today I have been mostly writing Hustle fic and making pdfs. Again.

Yesterday was pdfs that I have made before, but it turns out the calculations were wrong and some data was missing, so I’ve had to do loads again. Great. Today was pdfs that had been sent already but as excel thingies so the formatting had gone buggered. Plus it was whole year’s worth for three sites that needed doing. Now feel like Pinky or the Brain (not sure which one).

Realised earlier that I missed No Angels again, because I was starting my Hustle recap in an attempt to get to bed at a sensible (ish) hour Wednesday night. I want an icon saying ‘I think I am just a happy camper, really.’ Didn’t get to bed at a sensible time because Dear collared me after dinner and started going on ‘you can sit here with me for a minute, you know, have some family time.’ Er, wtf?

Did Hustle recap, it took three hours again, though that was including watching some Desperate Housewives, which I still love. Love Lynette’s continual struggles with the other mothers :D.

Then, this morning, I used the last of the milk on my cereal. Because of this, Dear chose to lose her temper at me, and screamed at me about how I should have seen the fruit bowl was empty (right, because I look at the funking fruit bowl in the morning, I don’t pay attention to anything except bowl, cereal, milk, spoon) and therefore should have given her the milk. As far as I could tell, this was because I am not a diet and can eat stuff like nutrigrain bars (which for funk’s sake turned out to be 2 points, and I gave her one, but no, that wouldn’t do), and she is and so should get first refusal. I pointed out that she eats fruit most of the time (I’d actually say 95% of the days she’s at home, because funnily enough I see how much the milk and cereal goes down) and she says ‘But I have cereal sometimes.’ so apparently if there’s not much milk left, I have to ask her first.

I know this is *incredibly* petty, but I have some problems with this:

1. Would Miss Self-centred offer me the same courtesy?
2. Really, it’s a bit of milk. I object to having it screamed at me that I am a ‘funking selfish cow’ at 8 a.m. in the morning because of a bit of MILK.
3. It then turned out that she thought there was enough for two people. How much funking milk does she think I *use*? I don’t even like milk.
4. This was, I think, basically a way of her stropping about doing the cleaning (she’d got up at 6.30 to do it) when I wasn’t (because I was ASLEEP). However, I am doing my stuff tonight, but cleaning is not an area where she enjoys logical thought.

I know it’s only little things, but I’m really getting sick of being screamed at every time something doesn’t go her way. She’s not funking SIX, for crying out loud. And Dad’s no help because all he says is ‘well, you have to learn to ginore her’ which is fine, but a) she never does this when he’s around and b) if I could learn to ignore her, I would have done by now. Plus, of course, that makes it my responsibility to ignore her, and not her responsibility to funking STOP.
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