April 19th, 2005

So I must leave, I'll have to go

Had a headache last night (AGAIN – must get eyes tested and/or go to doctor :p) so went to bed vv early, so haven’t watched much of Casanova. Poor old Grimani, though, eh?

Today had biglong meeting that went on for ages, then did work. Had another biglong meeting in the afternoon which was my probationary review (eek!) but still have job so all is well with the world. Have unrealistic targets to meet to get bonus, but oh well. Only one of them is stupid unrealistic. Also got payrise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will be back dated (!!!!!) as review was supposed to be at three months, but will be doing very boring things with money and putting it into savings (though may buy myself something small. And shiny. And pretty)

Ha, I’ve just taken a message from a totally Nathan Barley named company: Skybencher. Mm hm.

AAARGH!! Have just faxed through a document to get dataflows sent through to MOP company (acronyms are fun, yo). The original MOP people were quite stroppy with me earlier today about us not deappointing them at the right time. I was not happy because I was going to get in trouble for the fact that this client was being charged for months stuff when they shouldn’t have been, and oh funk.

THEN I found out that actually, I’d ALREADY sent it. And spoken to the guy. IN JANUARY. Funk, funk, funk.

*kicks useless suppliers*

Also SQUEE Hustle’s on tonight!! With Fay Ripley (who is ace) and her bizarre blonde hair (it’s so severe). Also next week’s looks good (thank you, Radio Times )
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