April 18th, 2005

What’s a girl like me to do?

Watched the BAFTAs. Was quite good. Yay Trevor Eve. Saw NW veryvery briefly and felt quite stalkerish but then Dear came home and said she had too, so felt better. We also watched part of Showboat (I love C5’s Sunday afternoon movies).

Watched Happy Together, which was really good from a story/acting pov, though had a few ‘this is an art film. ART!!’ shots too many for my liking. Um, what else? Doctor Who was ace again, and dad and I weren’t really paying attention to times, so when the episode ended we were not happy. GAH. Also Dad watched Hustle and figured it out, but he’s like me squared with that kind of thing – he’s always trying to work things out from the very start.

Saturday, went to Bromley, forgot to buy DVD box and CD box. Gah. Did market research thing that was boring and involved me answering questions about financial companies (but I got biscuits while I was there, and 2 pens, in Eltham they normally give you chocolate), and included questions at the end to check they had a cross section of the British public. The questions included:

1. do you listen to Classic fm?
2. Have you watched Michael Parkinson’s tv show in the last four weeks?

Considering the answer to both is no, am I a cross-section of the British public?

Dear cooked for us + boyfriend. While it was a nice meal, she proceeded to get stupidly drunk on white wine and then acted up the whole evening. GREAT. Dad and her bf were no help, and she was not in the kind of mood where ‘oh, shut up, you’re milking it’ would have worked.

So I went out. Went to Greenwich Uni SU with P from work and her best friend (who is a student there). Guess who was playing/djing? GUESS!


Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! OMG. So we went, and danced for a while, and it was a bit too RnB for my tastes, but it was fun, and then at about 12.30 La Westwood finally started doing his I’MGOINGTOSPEAKREALLYLOUDLYINTOTHEMIKE thing, and the music rapidly became (for us) undanceable. So I went home about 1, and then decided to put the laptop on until the battery ran out, which was 3, and then I went to bed. And I already mentioned Sunday up there.
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