April 16th, 2005

I'm in a better mood today

And I have one of my new claw clips in my hair :)

I just took part in a market reaserch thing that was totally dull and had todo with Prudential, and required me to try and remember adverts and financial products and stuff. Ha!

And then towards the end there were questions to check thst they were getting a cross section of the British public. These questions included 'Do you listen to Classic fM?' and 'Have you watched Michael Parkinson's show in the last four weeks?'

That'll be a no, and um, no. Does this mean I'm a cross-section of the British public or not?

Selected ramblings from last night:

I really want to hear Incomplete.

I might have mentioned before that my Dad likes watching American Idol, so that’s what we sat down and watched tonight. Of course, my dad being my dad, he’s asking ‘who ate all the pies?’ and calling Constantine 'Constantino'.

‘You know, if we were in the audience shouting that out, who ate all the pies, they wouldn’t know what we were on about.’
‘Who ate all the philly cheesesteaks? Who ate all the sloppy joes, man?’

They like being bitchy together, Dad and Dear. Also, apparently my dad broke his nose about four times playing football when he was younger.

The problem with AI is that it just makes me want to watch JC (um…alright, so that’s because I’m awake, pretty much). Luckily I’ve been stockpiling links from fflists, and I have a 32mb and 64mb stick to take to the library and fill up with video clips and pictures. I may even squeeze some Vincent stuff on there too.

Also, raynedanser, my sister says can you please vote for Constantino to win on her behalf? :D

She also thinks Bo look like a little animal. Exactly what little animal, she hasn’t decided yet…oh, and my dad just called Bo ‘Bice’. Er…right. Oh, and this is how he thought we should decide who’s going:

‘Right between the three of us, is it big hair, fat bastard or Bice?’

...oh dear.