April 11th, 2005

Don’t look at me that way…

Oh my God. OH MY GOD. I SWEAR (well, yes, quite a lot actually). Remember the Dreaded Rock Star episode? And how I was sticking to my theory that the scripts (or ideas) had been swapped? Well, the plot of this week’s Hustle involves a THIRD WORLD DICTATOR who is an evil bastard etc etc (veering off the point here, love the way they feel the need to make the marks complete bastardly caricatures, just to make sure we’re still siding with the conmen). Right, because of course a plot about an African dictator fits in a shiny show like Hustle.

I knew I was right. Must phone El and tell her.

I actually wrote new Spooks stuff this weekend. Yay! Also more Hustle and various other things. Dear is less help than I had hoped with meta etc, because she keeps telling me I get too into it. However her idea of helping in general is to tell me while we’re out that my skin is really dry and that I am moisturising at the wrong time of day. Apparently if I moisturise at night I should be using a night moisturiser and only a night moisturiser because a day one will come off? Is this right? Or, as I suspect, is she talking rubbish. Also, apparently, nobody would ever use a night AND day moisturiser because then your skin would be OMG so greasy. Apparently.

Anyway, Saturday we’d decided to go shopping up in town. You can probably guess what happened, but I’ll tell you anyway. Before we even left, madam had a MASSIVE screaming session at me, about…what time we left. We had agreed 10.30, and I’d put some washing on that needed to finish before we left. Madam was ready at 10, and did not take it well when I told her about the washing, hence the massive fit. Why? IMHo, someone needs to get back to the doctor and get themselves talking to some kind of MH professional, but she’s an adult and she’s also well-practised in the art of self-delusion, so as long as she thinks she’s fine, nothing’s going to happen.

Anyway, as is becoming usual, she calmed down and then had a cigarette. This is getting really tired, just because we know doesn’t mean we want to know, or want to see it. And in the end we left at 10.37. Oh, and when the washing was done, she *could* have helped me hang it out, thereby making the job quicker and getting us leaving earlier, but NO, by this point she was watching TV.

After that, the day was pretty good. We decided to do a kind of squashed triangle route, which involed going though the Trocadero and up Regent Street, then along Oxford Street and back down Charing Cross Road.

I started off by buying claw hair clips in Claire’s, which look ok but we’ll see. I got the Linkin Park single I’ve been after (because it has the video, though sadly it’s not a dvd single) and the LP/Jay-Z one (because I can’t be bothered to buy the album). We stopped for lunch at a place called Glö, which was some place that did proper sushi, wraps, sandwiches, salads and curry and well, everything, and it was all really good quality. Then we went down Carnaby Street and had a look in Mikey (sadly I am too stingy to pay their prices) and Accessorize usw.

Then we went to Oxford Street and she had another cigarette (I know I shouldn’t be focusing on it, but it’s just another indication of the lack of respect she has for any of us), and we went in Borders, briefly, but I had all the magazines I wanted, and I’m not buying any books atm unless they’re from the library and cost 10p. and it looks like I have a chance of reading them this year, rather than just getting more books from the library. Then we went into the Oxford Street HMV and woo. I love this World Cinema offer they have going atm. Woo, woo, woo and woo with a side order of YAY.

I bought:

8 Women
Happy Together
La Cage Aux Folles
Blackl Books Series 3

Spot the odd one out, heh heh. It was in the clear out. I also got Honest Mistake by the Bravery, and 1985 by Bowling For Soup. :D. Then we made our way to the cheap record shop further up Oxford Street, where I got a Kirsty MacColl 3 CD anthology YAY. Then we just kept on going, and I was once again thwarted in my search for the first Muse album at a decent price (£16.99!!!!), and bugger that 4 for £20 offer ending so quickly. There were other shops, but I didn’t buy anything in them, so I have no idea what…oh no, hang on, we had to go in Ann Summers so Dear could look for a corset (far too complicated to explain why).

Walked down Charing Cross Road and saw a load of teenygoths queuwing for My Chemical Romance, who I have heard of but never heard. TBH 3.30 in the afternoon seemed a funny time to be queueing for a gig, but na ja. Then I think we just went back to the station and went meh and waited for train. Then, on reading the 100 Best French Films supplement (no BOTW! And does Leon count as a French film? French director and star, yes, but filmed in America and the central character was supposed to be Italian, and what was the point of that anyway?) I discovered that there was a Vincent Cassel film out on dvd that I didn’t own (Sur Mes Levres, or Read My Lips).

Clearly can no longer fool myself that I am not obsessed with VC, because I got home, dumped my stuff and skipped straight off to Bromley to try and get it in HMV. And they had it! And it was in the offer! And so was Gohatto! So, yeah. Result. And then I cam home, and Dad had made Prawn Piri-Piri but not too spicy because I am a wimp. And then he watched the Masters Tournament (yawn) while I played with laptop and made Hustle icons. Not my best work ever, but they amused me.

1. 2. 3.

Oh, and I watched a Chinese film called Blind Shaft which was on BBC 4, that had ben filmed without the permission/knowledge of the Chinese government. Basically these two conmen would befriend some guy, go and find a mine to work in and claim they were family, and then cause an explosion that killed the guy, and then they’d claim compensation. Bastards. One of the guys got cold feet because the boy they’d got with them this time was so nice to them, and they thought they might have killed his father, and well. It was a pretty odd ending. It was a pretty good film, though it was hard to keep concentrating the whole time – at least with a French or German film I can understand a bit of the language.

I recorded Doctor Who, which we watched Sunday after I had a burst of activity and did some housework (and while I was ironing, which made the ironing a bit less boring). Was so so good this week, and despite what I said, I’ve managed to talk myself out of writing Who recaps atm, because I’m not sure my brain could cope with it. However, as with everything, this is subject to change. I think I might do Spooks 103 tonight, actually. I’m in the right mood for it. And of course, Casanova, and oh bugger, Meg and Crishna, will either of you be recording the whole thing? If so, could you make me a copy of that? Oh, and Meg I got your text but not till the next day :).

Hm, then we went shopping, which was not as fun as going shopping with Lesley because it was very ‘right you get this and I’ll get that and we’ll be out of here within half an hour and look how little it cost.’ Dad is normally very proud of himself for getting bargains, you see. Then we came back and there was more golf, so I got back into my Spider Solitaire addiction and watched a bit of Sur Mes Levres, which was very good, even if foreign films in general have a tendency to have men getting quite violent with women they want to sleep with. Pourquoi?

So, yeah, that was my weekend. And now, back at work. Joy...