April 5th, 2005

I’m the dandy higwayman that you’re too scared to mention…

Warning: this entry contains ranting at self for being STUPID.

Only recorded half of the 50 Gratest Comedy Thingies. Bugger. Don’t normally like clip shows (or at least, don’t like them as anything other than background noise) but, you know, comedy. Damn. Still, it’s C4, it’ll be repeated.

Forgot Casanova was on. Damn, damn, damn. MORON. Luckily did not miss too much, but didn’t get to record it. DAMN!!!!!!! I don’t suppose anyone could make me a copy? Will love you forever! Dear reckons it’s just a copy of Plunkett and Macleane, and she has a point. Still was very very funny, totally enjoyable and Rupert Penry-Jones, yay, and omg Laura Fraser <> (I think it’s the eyes). Hmm. I must go and find pictures to make icons. Ha, love the bit where they walk back in with ripped clothes – very Adam Ant. Oh, and who’s the servant guy?

Oh, and hey, guess what? The bag had indeed been taken by Rebecca as rubbish. Luckily I found it in the garage (it was under a chair so I didn’t see it before). So yay, now I have my trainers back and Den, definitely expect stuff – I’m not taking anymore chances, it’s going straight in the post!

Had a big long conversation with El, mainly about Spooks and Hustle. She thinks I’m too hard on Mickey, but then she can’t stand Danny because the actor’s such a twat. Anyway, maybe I was being a bit hard on Mister Boring. We’ll see what tonight’s is like.

Apparently Vincent and Monica were at the premiere of Robots in Paris. I think the post came from monica_daily (I’m about 6 days behind on my flist. Oops). *crosses fingers and hopes for not-too-scruffy VC*. Oooh, have seen pics *thud* Am happy.


Oh, GOD.

I’m writing Spooks meta again. Someone kill me, for crying out loud.

OTOH, this may not be all bad. I can move the laptop into the lounge for the next 2 ½ weeks (yay), so I’ll force Dear (and possibly even Dad, ha, that’ll be fun) to discuss it with me and hopefully get a load of the meta posted, at least. Will try and do fic too, but how much I can actually discuss/write with my dad telling me I’m sad remains to be seen. Plus last night my brain went back to some UV fic I actually got to beta stage, so I might try and get it finished. I hate writing UV fic, actually, because there’s not really any way to escape from the bloody PLOT, and I am crap when I have to write too much established plot (hence why all my spooks fics are fairly short).

And if I get all this done, I really think I need to get a website going again. Actually, I really just want the internet at home. Ah well, at least I can edit at home and then upload everything from work/library.

I finally updated my flist and interests today, after meaning to do so for about 3 weeks. Oops.

Oh, and the inevitable has happened: I’m going to recap Doctor Who. I don’t know why I bothered resisting, really.

Hm, nothing else to say except that I don’t love Hustle as much as Spooks, so expect recap Thursday as I have to get some sleep tonight.

Ciao all :)