April 4th, 2005

Don’t look at me that way…

Warning: this entry contains signs that I may finally have cracked.

Things of note that happened this weekend:

1. Not only did I do bead stuff this weekend (and it was great fun, must do more), NOT ONLY did I do that, but I also wrote some LC. Those of you who’ve been around for a while will know what that means. Am impressed. I liked it. Plus, it’s all a bit 2002.
2. Didn’t work on the Kudos-fic because I left the USB stick at work. Twit.
3. Watched Doctor Who. Didn’t like it as much as the first one, but was still good.
4. Watched Fingersmith. Trying to figure out where I recognise Maud from. Will check t’internet. Still think Richard Rivers is too young.
5. Paid MASSIVE fine at library, but on the plus side found Jamelia’s first album and the O12 soundtrack. Still trying to figure out the song that was in the Vincent- Cassel-break-dancing-egg-stealing-scene. Mm, Vincent. Must decide on Vincent desktop picture for work to combat the Brad Pitt love everyone has. WHY?
6. Also, I bought the new New Order album at the weekend. YAY!!! Basically. That’s all I have to say.
7. Dad watched Saw. It will surprise no-one to find out that he LOVED it.
8. We watched The Village, which was ok towards the end but omg sooooo slooooooow (and I *like* slow films, normally).
9. I got Sunshine by Robin McKinley at the library, which eleanorb not so much recced as anti-recced, but I am perverse and masochistic like that (see also my chick lit habit). So far am 20 or so pages in and she’s right. It’s bad. And DULL. Much like Mickey (ooh, Hustle’s on tomorrow!!).
10. This is the part where I go insane: had USB stick and stuff to post to Den (please note is not original usb stick I ordered and that got chucked while I was away, this is the second wave). Was in bag in room Saturday morning. Went to Bromley. Came back. Bag not in room. Bag also had trainers and umbrella in, so is pretty impossible (imo) that it was chucked by accident. Thusly, bag must still be in house.

Bag not in bedroom
Bag not in (any) cupboards
Bag not in Dear’s room
Bag not in parents’ room
Bag not in cupboard under the stairs
Bag not in kitchen
Bag not in lounge

Therefore, bag must be in rubbish, right? Checked rubbish.

Bag not in rubbish.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGH!!!! And furthermore, GAH! What. The. Hell?

Have come up with three possible explanations:

i. Dear had cleaning mania on Saturday and threw away by accident, in which case I need to look through rubbish again (yay).
ii. Dear has hidden/thrown it away on purpose because she wants me to go insane so she can write a book/laugh evilly/other.
iii. There is a ghost in my house that is moving things.

I’m going for i., personally. Presuming I don’t go insane first. I was clinging to the slim hope I’d left it at work Friday, but no. If it doesn’t turn up soon, I may cry.

I may whack someone. This same colleague that keeps annoying me now keeps trying to insinuate I keep fucking up. Funnily enough, once we’d checked the database, I HADN’T. Fancy that. Hmph.

I want to buy a computer arty magazine thing (yes, I want to spend £6 on a magazine with instructions on how to make pretty pictures, and some funky bits of software I won’t be able to use properly) but for the past few months they’ve either had things I’ve got and can’t use very well (because I can’t draw) or had things I’m not interested in. Meh.

Ha, I've just tried these new aero bubble things, and they're yum but also really weird. they're all spherical. They're little balls of aerostuff.