March 30th, 2005

And the man says

Warning: Over there!! Rabbits!!

So, Hustle. Was ace. I’m working on my recap and it should be ready to post tomorrow. I’m doing the same kind of format as the Spooks recaps. Mickey’s still the Most Boring Conman Ever, by the way. I spent SO MUCH time wanting to smack him. And omg the Manchester accent was just WRONG. Is the BBC website any good this time round? I must go and check. Also, is there going to be a dvd? I was expecting an advert at the end of yesterday’s prog.

I’m so tired. Woke up at 3 a.m with really bad stomach cramps. Took (maybe too many) painkillers but was still awake for an hour and a half. Bugger. I’m reeeeeally sluggish and shaky.

Have forgotten what else I had to say, though once again I have too much work to do for now and the foreseeable future. Oh well. Same colleague still annoying me – he seems to have all these great ideas which all result in more work for ME. Git.

And I may well be jinxing it by saying this, but OMG I’m writing Hustle/Spooks crossover fic. Anyone familiar with both willing to beta/have ideas bounced off them (it may not be complete enough to be betaed properly for a while yet)?

I have seen the video for Signs. Squee! Um, that’s all.
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