March 29th, 2005

With a shimmy and a shake

I have a new favourite Killers song (On Top). Yay. This entry goes on for waaaaaaaaaaay too long and is very rambling (and mixes tenses, sorry about that). You have been warned.

Right, to save time and space, let’s pretend I’ve repeated the phrase ‘squee, Hustle’s on tonight’ approximately 8470937509 times. Expect recap Thursday.

So, hope you all had a good weekend. In reference to mine: there was a plan?

Friday: cleaned house, was tired, family came round. Ate waaaaaaaay too much at dinner and drank a bit too much too. Had massive stomach pains so am finally taking the hint of my body and will no longer overeat at family things. Slept on sofa due to number of people in house, but had very little sleep.

Saturday: woke up.

Was sick.

Had chocolate croissant for breakfast and said goodbye to family.

Was sick.

Went back to bed. Got up a bit later and felt slightly better and had a mandarin. Went shopping with Dear to Bromley.

Was sick. Decided probably should not eat for a few hours. Bought various stuff, but failed to buy what I had gone out for – another cd and dvd box. Twit. Had smoothie, in hope that would not chuck up liquid. Came home via Eltham and then collapsed. Sorted out magazines and did very little else, and read flist copied from Thursday. Managed to eat something and did not throw up (yay!!!)

Dear gave me a manicure. She was a total sweetie to me yesterday, and she totally looked after me all day. It’s so weird with her sometimes, especially after the way I was ranting about her on Thursday. She can be so confusing.

Yeah, so, 7 pm, Doctor Who. WOO. YAY. Loved it. Was so good. By the time you read this might have decided to recap it (or not).

After that, I kind of mooched about a bit, got fed (wasn’t sick), watched a bit of Casualty then got bored, and then went to bed about 9.30 because I was exhausted.

Sunday: forgot to change clocks in room. Na ja. Got up, washed up, made Dad watch Doctor Who (he enjoyed it too). Mentioned out loud for the 36956329856923th time that Hustle’s starting again on Tuesday. Dad asked if I had any good films, so made him watch Intacto, so have now seen it to the end. OMG so good. Go, watch it, it’s really inventive and has some great-looking sequences. I may have to write Intacto fic.

We then watching Easter Parade, which allowed Dear and I to indulge our old musicals obsession, and Dad to go on about films and knowing more than us. Dad decided to lecture us on character names in old films, and asked what film Don Rutherford was in. I didn’t know, and he proclaimed it was Singing in the Rain. Dear said she didn’t think that was right, and they had a pound bet, and she went off to look it up.

She then discovered it was actually Don Lockwood, and although Dad gave her the pound, they had a big argument (in fun) about whether Dear had actually said it wasn’t Don Rutherford or wasn’t Don. Conversation then moved on to Ratpack films (Dear’s really into Ratpack stuff) and mentioned Shirley MacLaine. Dad then tried to get Dear to bet 50 to 1 that Shirley MacLaine *wasn’t* Warren Beatty’s sister (after having told us that she was).

Dear [to me]: He’s just trying to get his pound back!
Dad: No, I’m just trying to bet because I know it’s a sure thing. I thought she might get greedy.

Lesley’s off to China in April, you know. Two weeks of me and them. Heh...

Hahahaha I just saw a couple at the world figure skating championships using Pop as their music. Then Dad decided to put on the American Idol results instead. Boo. Dad is currently really enjoying the results programme. Also, he’s having a conversation with himself about whether to get up or not. I plan on not moving until Lesley gets back and I have to leave the room.

So then I finally gave in to Dad’s pretty constant question ‘do you want to watch Man On Fire?’ (he can be pretty evangelical about it). So I watched it, and it was great. And I figured out all the stuff like who it was, so was dead proud as normally I’m a very clueless viewer.

Hum, then what happened? I know we had dinner, and it was this really lush roast lamb, and then…damn blank spots in my brain. I probably just pottered about. Oh, watched Fingersmith, which was pretty good, though the guy playing Richard Rivers/Gentleman was about 5 years too young imho. Also, Dad and Lesley watched it, which amused me a lot.

Monday: more sorting out. Chucked out jewellery!!!!! I chucked out some jewellery!! Will take pictures of the stuff that people might want. Started making lists of books I want to get rid of, but then I decided there weren’t enough to bother with as I have more unread books than expected. I’ll leave it a few weeks until I’ve finished the ones I’ve got going atm (I read three books at a time – is this odd?) Oh, God, and I finally finished Out by Matsuo Kirino, which was pretty good but suffered a bit from bizarre pacing – three quarters of the book was very detailed, very Japanese, very precise, and then the last quarter was all WHOARUSHOFPLOT. Enjoyable, though.

Most of Monday is a blur of chucking out, and spent the whole morning ironing, and watched the Luc Besson Joan of Arc film with Milla Jovovich. Vincent Cassel was smug and sexy as per usual (every film, he’s just got this ‘I am, how you say, the sexiest person in this film’ attitude, AND IT WORKS, and yes I have rather missed the point of the film) and although it was a longlonglong film, I really enjoyed it. Then I watched Billy Elliot, which was pretty good, and had this kind of magnetic quality, like I was not going to stop watching even if I wanted to. And one of the bastard doctors from Green Wing is in it. As a doctor!

I vaguely remember someone (maybe bexless) posting about a thing on IMDB where you could make a list of every film you’ve ever seen. So tempting... Ialso keep wondering if the library people could give me a list of all the books I’ve had out so I know what (crap) I’ve read . Oh shit, must phone Bromley and renew books so whatever fine there (probably) is doesn’t get too huge.

Tuesday: Footballer’s Wives is back on soon, yo. YAY!! Cleared all the bastard updates and got a load of other stuff done, go me. Unfortunately, in counterpart to this, have ladder in tights that happened when it was too late for me to do anything about it.

Frankly, they’re lucky I’m getting anything done, because the only thing I am holding out for right now starts at 9 p.m. this evening on BBC 1.

There’s no need to satisfy

Warning: swearing and abuse of the caps lock key.

Right, I’m going to kick one of my colleagues in the HEAD. FUCKING HELL.

All that stuff I was running around last week trying to get done ultra ultra quick because omg it had to be sent out Wed lunchtime, and screw the rest of my job, this was MOST IMPORTANT THING EVAR OMG OMG!!!!111!?

That file. Is being. Sent out. TODAY. Not just today, but late this afternoon.

How the FUCK did that happen? My part (sorry, did I say part? I mean, of course, THE WHOLE DAMN THING) was actually ready 2 hours before necessary, so why on EARTH is it going out a week late? Jesus, I’m trying to remain calm and get all the stuff done even though I’ve clearly got too much to do, and things like THIS make it quite difficult. So, hang on, not only did it not get sent out on the right day, it didn’t even get sent out the day AFTER, which was the day before the long bank holiday weekend. *SCREAM*

Right, Han, think happy thoughts:

Hustle’s on tonight
Hustle’s on tonight
Hustle’s on tonight
Hustle’s on tonight
Hustle’s on tonight
Hustle’s on tonight

Knowing my luck today, I’ll get home and the BBC will have cancelled it.

Dear colleague,

Hi. Don’t screw up and then try to implicate me in it, as if we made the mistakes at the same time. I know what I’m doing on this task, and I know what I’ve DONE. If there seems to be a problem, please check the comments first, because it’s likely one of the THREE OTHER PEOPLE working on this besides you has picked it up. And while we’re on the subject, SEND THINGS OUT ON TIME!

NO love,

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