March 24th, 2005

Oh My Gosh

Warning: behind the cut is a rant about my sister. If you’re not interested/have better things to do (probably), feel free to go read…something else. Or just not click the cut, because I’ve found I have more to say.

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oday I am mostly going to be posting replies I wrote last week, and downloading metafandom stuff. And hopefully fic, and flists (though the amount of people on my fflists who are on mine is getting big, so I keep reading stuff three times). (no apparently we're all leaving like right now. Gah) And over the weekend, I am going to write (and more importantly finish something, dammit) and sort out my room and get rid of stuff because I got told off by Lesley *yawn*. Though admittedly it looks better now, and I have found some stuff I thought I’d lost.

Then, if I manage to do all of that, I am going to get ready all my pictures that need uploading so next week I can picspam all over the shop. And also, I’m going to post a list of books I have read, in case anyone wants them. Possibly also jewellery.

Oh, and I have to say that over the years, one of the thoughts I’ve had fairly frequently has been ‘I wish Basement Jaxx would release a singles compilation. And a dvd would be cool too.’ OMG LOVE. YAY, frankly. Am hoping is out this week, as then by the time you read this I shall have videos (and more than anything, possibly more than Plug It In even, I will have Where’s Your Head At. WOO!!)

It is 11.07 as I am writing this and I have already had my chocolate egg. Sugar high! Also am feeling accomplished as I’ve done way more than I thought possible this week (though unsurprisingly I am very tired). Unfortunatrly, the Week From Hell that became the Fortnight From Hell is probably going to become the Thirteen Working Days Of Hell (yeah, well, you think of something better) and then hopefully everything will calm down.

Dear Everyone Of The Bastard Account Managers,

Nest time you all want to give me 120+ updates each, please check with each other to make sure I do not get them all in the same week. Especially if it’s a four day week.

No love,


I’m not kidding. Weekly average is about 100 updates, this week? Over 400. As if I didn’t have enough to do already.


A question about writing, just because I’m curious:

Do you have a preferred font to write in (at whatever stage you start typing the story rather than writing it)? Do you have different fonts for different characters/fandoms? (you may take it as read that the end of both those questions is ‘or is it just me?’) What about colours? I mostly write in Arial or Verdana because I like the roundedness and the *cleanliness* of them, but I’ve got one called Trebuchet MS that I tend to use for Spooks fic. I can’t stand writing in TNR unless it’s a journal entry. Just wondered if anyone else was like this.