March 21st, 2005

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‘Marriage? Marriage is for…married people!’

- Robert Mitchum, Four for Texas

Had a really good weekend. Friday I went up to meet Claire and we went to Back To Basics for my birthday thing. Those of you who’ve known me/been reading this for a while may realise that my birthday is in December. But then three months is pretty quick for us to get round to something. Before we went to the restaurant, we went into various shops including HMV where I got the Annie album, Infernal Affairs and Intacto. HMV have a proper offer on foreign films!

BTB is a fish restaurant, and ohmigod so nice. It was a lovel evening, so we sat outside. We started off with bread cooked on the premises and special butters – garlic butter, anchovy butter (which I swear had olives in it, blech) and a roasted pepper one neither of us had. For main course we had the same thing – king prawns (HUGE king prawns), shell-on prawns, clams and mussels in a garlic and white wine sauce. It was damn gorgeous. We both could have eaten it twice. The king prawns were *amazing*. And then Claire had a funky apple tart ting for dessert and I had Baileys Crème Brulee. Oh, and they had this funny thing where one of the waitresses could take drinks orders but not food orders (presumably because she didn’t speak enough English, we weren’t sure). I had a glas of white wine, and when she brought she kept going ‘Are you SURE you don’t want wine?’ to Claire, so Claire gave in and had vodka and apple juice.

The service was pretty good at first, and then slooooooowed right down, which was irritating. And also unnecessary, because it’s not that big a restaurant. So it took about twenty minutes between main course and dessert, and then another fifteen minutes or so for the bill to arrive. And service was apparently discretionary, but was *included* on the bill. Gits.

After that, we made our way to Bar Nordic, which is a Scadinavian-themed bar, because Claire had been talking about it for ages and we decided we’d finally go. and, wow. So glad we did. Yum yum yum. Cocktails! They were lush, but as I'm in the middle of three different things here, you'll have to wait to find out exactly what they were and what was in them (because I can't remember their names).

I have to say right now, the second one I had WAS THE BEST DRINK EVER. Limes and mint and lots of different alcohol and ice mmmmmm. SO. GOOD. Plus, there were loads of fit men, and Claire saw a Torsten lookalike so she was happy.

Then we went home. And slept. Then, on Saturday morning, I woke up at the stupid hour of 7 a.m. due to a BEE. Buzzing outside my window. Aaaaaaaaargh. I hate bees at the best of times, and especially at 7 a.m. yeah, and there was troupe or something in the field out of the back, and the kids were already up, and GAH the noise. So I wasn’t getting back to sleep.

I got ready to go swimming with Claire and listened to the Annie album I bought when we went in HMV before dinner, and it’s really good. She’s got a very sweet voice.

We went and did lots of swimming, and then afterwards we went to the French market that was on in Woolwich, but gah still no flan. I want flan!! I did get some brie for Lesley, and some lavender, and some rabbit pate, which should be interesting. Oh, and near the swimming pool there was this little polish shop and we got these little cheese curd things that turned out to basically be cheesecake in chocolate. Yay!

Then we went to Bluewater. Ooops. I’m trying to remember what the hell I bought. Hm. Well, I got some stuff in Lush, and we spent loads of money time in Sephora, but sadly I couldn’t get any cheap Urban Decay. I did get some Molton Brown stuff, and some more makeup. I think I have eyeshadow in every shade I could possibly want now, except a really bright pink maybe. Oh, and went into Pineapple and, wow. Being surrounded by teenage girls who are into dancing and have parents who can buy them stuff? Is a bit scary.

After we were done in Bluewater (oh, and Marks’ female changing rooms were closed. Wtf?) we went back to Claire’s and watched Wetten, das…? Which is basically a German version of You Bet! It featured Heidi Klum, Bryan Adams, Mariah Carey, some German tv and football people, and a presenter who wanted to be born in Austria in the mid 19th century. At least, that’s what it looked like from the way he was dressed. His name’s Thomas Gottschalk, and he’s probably got a picture in his attic. The people doing the bets were a guy who reckoned to be able to identify wine but couldn’t, and girl who (and pay attention to this) reckoned she could identify soaps by the lather they created. With a blindfold and a pincher on her nose so she couldn’t sell them. This German champion swimmer girl who was on said she couldn’t guess how many because she couldn’t see how anyone could do it, and we were in agreement. She got four out of four. Four out of FOUR! By washing her HANDS. *boggled*

Yeah, so then I went home and had stuff that had been saved from the barbecue my parents had earlier in the day. Yes, it’s March, but there was a hint of sunshine (well, ok it was a lovely day, all sunny and stuff) so obviously they were going to have a barbecue. The stuff was lovely though. And today, I’ve done not very much. Well, I’ve done some writing and made my Comfort Eagle icon brushes, and made icon bases out of my 206 caps. Oh, perverseparagon, I must email you them and lj hates me today because it won't do the tag *kicks*. I was going to go out, but the sun went away and I couldn’t be bothered.

Then I watched 4 for Texas, which was a bizarre western-comedy-drama with Robert Mitchum and Frank Sinatra, and then I watched a bit of Perry Mason and tried not to laugh. Over dinner had the following conversation with Lesley:

L: have you finished the germany thing yet, dear?
H: Yep, just not posted it yet.
L: Posted it?
H: Yes…
L: [confused facial expression] On the internet? Why?
H: Um…because I post stuff, and people read it, and –
L: People you don’t know?
H: well, some of them I do know, but some of them I don’t.
L: right.

Didn’t try to explain blogging and livejournal and stuff in general. I like Lesley, I have no desire to see her head implode.

Have now set them up watching L’Appartement, heh heh. Dad moaned a bit about subtitles but he’s ok now.

H: I love this film. It’s so French.
L: But it is French, isn’t it?
H: Yes, but it’s *so* French. It’s like someone had a list of ‘how to be French’ and they were ticking things off as they went.
L: …

Sometimes, I wonder if Lesley would be better off never listening to anything I say .

Also, part of this update just died, so in short: work = too muh to do, leg = hurting as i slammed it into the bottom of the stairs this morning (apparently when half asleep I don't know how many steps there are - I missed the bottom one)