March 16th, 2005

With fingernails that shine like justice

At the end of this post: lyrics. BSB and Cake. May have posted the Cake ones ages ago (one of my plans is to go back through all my posts and put the lyric ones in memories so I can find them).

Thanks for the comments (and links to pretty). The day was saved from being a total write-off by Claire phoning when I was on the way home and saying did I want to come up to dinner (as she and Lesley were working late while Dad took their Chinese business partner to a Chelsea match)? Yes, I did. So I went up to the Office That Refuses To Have Adobe (they don’t even have the *reader* installed, and the other day Claire made someone print out and fax a 34 page document, hahaha) and then we went to an Italian place called Sergio’s, where Claire fancied at least two of the waiters, and the owner’s son spoke mostly in an English accent but with occasional ‘mamma mia’s thrown in, which was sweet. Lesley and I had a bottle of white wine between us. Had asparagus with parmesan as starter, and calzone for main course. OMG OMG why had I never had calzone before? Pizza with cheese and tomato and ham and sausage FOLDED IN HALF. Damn, was good. It’s on Great Titchfield Street, if anyone’s interested, and is fairly cheap. Also, Claire and I are nearing the point where we will no longer need words, because we just keep thinking the same thing all the time. It’s getting spooky.

Then Claire and I decided that, as we have both been paid, Friday we are going to a fish restaurant called Back to Basics that has the best thing ever, anchovy butter. Woo. May try and get her to book it a bit later so I can go to HMV beforeheand and buy albums/dvds. Which reminds me, I looked up Agents Secrets the other day, and it’s out in France. Does anyone know if it’s due out here?

I’m going to go and look at the pictures on at lunch, I think. Guaranteed mood improver! And then I’m going to download a load of icon tutorials, and make icons. Yes, I realize I have been saying this for aaaaaaaaages, but I have the house to myself tonight so I can have laptop and big tv at the same time. Woo.

Omg, I can’t believe I forgot this, but the best bit of last night was as follows:

Han, Lesley and Claire: walking back towards Charing Cross
Claire: omg!! ^_^
Han and Lesley: o_O ??
Claire: Picture! >>>>
Han: O_O Cool picture!
Claire: Let’s take it! (was out for rubbish and was too good to die)
Han: *saws at Westminster rubbish tape to free picture* Picture turns out to be A3 3D picture of New York skyline. Also did not need to do sawing in the end, but never mind. It’ll piss off Westminster council (or their private rubbish company), so it’s all good.
Claire: I see palm trees! *flicks through other sheets* (palm trees sadly not as exciting as 3D)
Lesley: Do you have any 3D glasses, dear?
Han: … Claire does. And they’re easy to make, anyway. Red cellophane + green cellophane = 3D glasses.
Claire: Yeah, sweeties. Get a box of Quality Street and there you go.
Han: *nods*

So, yay. I’ll take a picture and post it tomorrow. Not sure where it’s going to go, but it’s cool.

And as a final final thing before the lyrics, I swear, does anyone know of any good websites for pictures of Christina Aguilera?

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