March 14th, 2005

I should have said no, someone’s waiting for me…

You can all derive from this that I HAVE FOUND MY BACKSTREET BOYS SINGLE!!!! AND MY CAKE ALBUM!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And after all that excitement, what else? Well, Caroline Tate’s appearance as Lauren on comic relief was so funny (‘are you calling my mum poor? Are you calling my dad a wino? Are you calling me a pikey?’) especially, of course ‘But this is McFly.’ ‘Am I Mcbothered?’ which will be keeping us amused here for quite some time. My dad has adopted it as his new thing, which is good as his Little Britain impressions are not very funny.

All that stuff I said about Nathan Barley not being as much of a twat on the show as in TVGH? I take it back. Dear and I were watching it with dropped jaws and frequent shouting-at-the-tv. Though the bad uncle bit was funny.

I keep meaning to mention, there’s a really funny tv review website at It amuses me, anyway.

Did no exciting stuff this weekend, just tidied up and screencapped and recapped (finally got 102 out of the way) and wrote a bit. Na ja. Have decided am on diet, or rather have banned self from eating crap and will be doing more exercise. Boring but necessary as I have put on too much weight due to pigging out since Christmas.

There was other stuff I was going to put…oh!! I know!!!!! New series of Hustle, on the BBC, 29th of March, YAY! Not sure why so excited as was crap last time round, but is Kudos production so at least will be entertaining crap (and I’m hoping to see some of the cast-swapping going the other way). And spotting plotholes is fun. Possibly my brain is excited at thought of new stuff to recap.