March 9th, 2005

*no brain*


1. am not dead but am ill. Think am going home at 1. Frankly should have stayed at home but am v dedicated (plus lots of people already off).
2. I love the Companies House website, and today I have had a reason to be using it for work. Ha!! Only good thing about today.
3. Went to bed at 8.30 last night and it didn’t help. Well, not much. Kept waking up.
4. it looks like my vocabulary really *does* disappear when I am ill. How odd. Suppose higher brain functions have to be diverted for things like not falling over (though not sure how this is different to normal).
5. Desperate Housewives is on tonight, yay! But will I manage to stay up?
6. I wish I had the internet at home so I could work from home.
7. Um…all else gone from head.
8. Have just discovered I thought Plymouth was in a completely different location to where it really is (near Cornwall). Maybe I’m getting it mixed up with Portsmouth.