March 7th, 2005

You can win if you want, if you want it you can win

Dear Channel 5,

Why must you show the decent films I want to see (Like Anatomy of A Murder, which was on yesterday) at stupid time like early Sunday afternoon when no-one watches tv?

Please stop, or at least advertise them better.

Han x

IIRC, there was a booklet that came with Neon *years* ago (God, I miss Neon) and it was called 1000 videos (yes, that’s how long ago. 1996-7, maybe?) you must own, and in that it said that AOAM was the first film to use the words ‘panties’ and ‘semen’. So there you go.

Hm, anyway, away from that, seeing as I didn’t know it was on until it was 45 minutes in, I was also watching Dance Moves Weekend on TMF. AN HOUR AND A HALF of this I watched, and was there any nsync? No there sodding was not. Not even any Justin! Presume if there was any it was in the half hour at the beginning I didn’t see. Bastards.

Weekend was ok, though think I have a milder version of what’s striking everyone else in the office (and it *will* stay a milder version through sheer force of will and copious amounts of paracetamol etc). went shopping with Dear Saturday (El is such an angel, she phoned while I was on the bus and realised I was with Dear and so got off the phone before Dear had a chance to throw one of her ‘you’re with me, stop paying any attention to anyone else omg’ strops). First thing she said as we got out of the house?

‘Do you mind if I have a cigarette?’
‘You have no right to dictate what I do, Hannah, you can’t –‘
‘So why did you ask me if I minded?’
‘Well, I didn’t think you’d be so stupid about it.’
‘You know I mind, and you’re just going to do it anyway.’


And then she got all snippy because I wasn’t walking next to her while she smoked. I do not like cigarette smoke and I had a sore throat, for fuck’s sake. And why does she seem to think that just because I know means I’ll let her get on with it. This could end up being like the TMI with her relationships. She (and maybe anyone reading this) thinks I’m being prudish because I do not want to know *anything* about what she does with her bf, right from whether they get to sleep in the same bed or not upwards. I just. Do not. Want. To know.

So after that minor setback, off we went to Orpington, yay! Bought loads of stuff in Wilkinson’s and wandered around being *so cold* before toddling off to Bromley. Bromley was as per usual, wandered around for ages, though I could tell Dear was getting fractious so didn’t get as long as I wanted in HMV/Virgin (but I’m going to go up to town next weekend). In HMV I got one of the Muse albums I wanted, a Ben Folds Five Album, a better Human league album than the one I’ve got, and ummmmmmmmmm something else. Bugger, brain’s gone.

Bought some other stuff too, including (eventually, after much searching) a nice candle garden thing (plate with three candles and pebbles, sadly not what it sounds like) for Lesley for mother’s day. Took stuff back to library WITHIN TIME!! And came back down to find Dear had suddenly switched into ‘omg I have no money panic!!’ mode. Still don’t know why.

I could murder a crème egg, btw. Haaaaa, Sharon’s going to the bank and made the mistake of asking if anyone wanted anything *all hands go up*.

Yeah, so, finished shopping, came home, collapsed went ugh, Dear got ready to go out and then El called, and in quick succession dinner was ready. Lesley had been experimenting with Jamie Oliver cookbooks, and we had some prawns in a spicy lemon sauce (which were lush) and then pork wrapped round plums with a plum and ginger sauce, which was also lush. Then they went off to watch whatever it is they can bear to watch on a Saturday night, and I went off to finish the Germany rewrite thing and talk to El. I keep putting rewrite, not write-up. Odd.

So, I did finish the Germany thing (yaaaaaaaaay!!), but can you guess what happened? Yes, I forgot to save it to stick. Ditto pics. Will bring tomorrow. Also, I managed to make icon brushes, mainly from Idlewild lyrics so far (and shortly I shall amuse myself by moving onto Girls Aloud and possibly Cake/ Presidents).

So, yesterday dad and Lesley went off to her mum and dad’s for Mother’s day, and I stayed at home as I didn’t want to risk passing whatever I’ve got onto them. Plus, I had stuff to do. Dear was in hypercleaningmood! So I stayed in my room most of the morning and then, oh joy, ironed. Also, watched 309 (yes, AGAIN) for fic/squeeing purposes and reread recaps (forgetting, as per usual, that I had written them, and nodding to myself and agreeing. Wonder why that was?)

Watched a bit of 206 to screencap and I really must recap the rest of S1 because I want to get on to recapping S2! I know I’m in the minority here, but I like it more (and not just because of Ruth, really). I think – and this relates to something I was going to post about UV but never did – it’s because there are more characters. I find it difficult to really get into shows with only a few characters, and in the case of UV, where were the rest of them? There has to have been at least one more doctor person, because hello, Angie has to sleep, and so on…I couldn’t form that into a coherent post though, so it’s still on the laptop.

That reminds me, actually, Dear and I were watching Nathan Barley on Friday (warning: tangents ahead). Is it just me or is he less offensive than in the original TVGH columns? He’s kind of like a puppy in the tv thing – yes, he’s a wanker, he can be annoying, but there’s not the kind of malice there was in the columns. It’s not that it isn’t a slightly queasy programme (thank you Chris Morris), it’s just… Nathan in the columns was a bit too cool to be enthusiastic the way that Nathan in the series is. He really lived up to the series name. I don’t hate him on tv, though. Am I making sense? Anyway, back to my original point – we were watching NB and trying to figure out who various people were, including Claire (must go look the actress up). And then, both at the same time, we came to the fatal realisation: she looks like a younger Ruth (well, Dear said Ruth, I said NW. I haven’t gone quite that far). *headdesk*

Will that Casanova thing be on BBC terrestrial, anyone? I’ll never get to see it if it’s only on BBC 3.

Oh, and L at work brought in Joan Of Arc for me to borrow, and squee! Mr Cassel is in it!! I did not know this! Woo. Must copy VC/MB film lists again, I can’t remember where I put them before. And have just looked at box again, and Evil French Bastard Cop from Dobermann is in it too! That’s Tcheky Karyo, by the way, for those of you who do boring things like remember people’s actual names.

ETA: The C4 website for Nathan barley is shite. Does anyone know the woman who plays Claire's name?