March 4th, 2005

Lump lingered last in line for brains

...and the rest. If the end of this post involves lyrics, you’ll know I managed to pull some energy from somewhere. If not, I will be asleep on my desk.

OH MY GOD. Oh my god. W00t! That was so good. Was best concert I have ever been to, if you ignore the support band (we decided in the end they were yourcodenameis: milo, and they were CRAP. Like a less tuneful Cooper Temple Clause, and CTC are about my limit for rocky noise). Was reminded of why I do not go to concerts: today, my back is KILLING and I am really stiff. I am soooooooo an old person in a (not very flexible) young person’s body.

Anyway, ignoring that, it was suchagoodgig. The songs were so good, and even though I only knew about 4 of them, it didn’t matter, and the band (James told me what the names of the people were, but I’ve forgotten) were so funny. Couldn’t write anything down so obviously have forgotten it all, and this will be making little sense. You should all go buy their new album which iirc is called Love Everybody.

It was ace, anyway. And they did Video Killed The Radio Star! (they covered it for the Wedding Singer soundtrack) And Peaches! And Lump! And Dune Buggy! And yeah!

And today, I am at work and my hair stinks (it was a choice between sleep or hair washing and the sleep won), and the snow is coming down thick and fast and is settling for a change! Yay! I know everyone else got over the momentary wooness of snow about a week ago and are now all ‘ugh, snow, weather horrible mumble mumble’, but I like it. Even going home in it because unlike everyone else but one person in this office, I don’t have a car. Though I will be learning to drive soon.

What else? Well this weekend, will actually finish Germany write up IF IT KILLS ME. Ditto pictures. And will then finally make some icons and icon brushes.

Might be going shopping, I must liase with Dear (or rather, phone up and quote Eddie Izzard down the phone until we’ve reached a decision). If she’s not about, I may well go up to London on my own to spend loads of money in HMV. 4 for £20 on some really good cds! Including some of the Rasmus’ earlier albums, where the singer had really amusing bleached blonde hair rather than gothy black hair with feathers (yes, I am tempted because of the hair. Um…) and Muse albums, which I have been trying to get hold of for ages. Sadly, no Cake I could see, but I’ll have a look on the website – do they post full lists of their offers, anyone?

I am ded from squee, btw. *collapses into an undignified heap and DOES NOT MOVE*

Hm, I know what I shall quote to Dear later. (‘and like Leonardo Da Vinci, I also invented a helicopter that DID NOT WORK!’)

Incidentally, there’s a community called metafandom which is great if you are obsessed with meta like, um, me. profshallowness put up the link which I meant to comment about because they did a post a while ago with lots of fannish linky things and I have a bad memory.

I want to go hooooooooome, in case you couldn’t tell.

Na ja. No lyrics. maybe tomorrow.