February 28th, 2005

I know my rights, I’ve been here all day and it’s time

Ah, le weekend. Spent Saturday morning helping Lesley prepare for the dinner party, then went to Claire’s via Eltham. Off we drove to Egham. Listened to some Modern Talking in the car. They’re a German 80s pop band and the main guy’s autobiography has caused a bit of a storm in Deutschland for slandering the guy he was in the band with. Plus, he’s a total egotist. But bizarre pop music. So bad it’s…bad. And cheesy. I was singing along almost straight away.

We parked at Rachel’s and walked to the hall where the show was on so we could pick up her keys, and then we walked back because nowhere on campus had toilets that were open (no, really, even if you study there, they *really* don’t want you to use the facilities at the weekend). We then walked back *again* and this time went to the International Building where we watched 2 hours of German tv! Well, Claire did, I watched a bit and read Total Film.

Then we made our way to the hall for the show. It was ace. It started off being a kind of music hall thing, with different people doing Gracie Fields, Vera Lynn, etc., and then there was an air raid siren noise and people pretending to be posters (much better than it sounds, it was really clever) – dig for victory and all that – and the show started properly.

It’s a very funny show, and seriously, I recommend it :) The singing was very good, and oh yeah, there was a proper mini-orchestra with a conductor lady, which was cool. Although Claire was more worried than me about drama groupies, there were only a couple in the audience (note to teenage girl: you can buy skirts longer than that, you know. And what are you, 14?) and one onstage (more on her later).

After the show we were waiting around because we were booked in to dinner with the cast, and someone put on a very loud tape of (possibly) the Dirty Dancing soundatrack (‘I’ve had the time of my life, Patrick! I’ve never felt this way before!’) and Miss Over here! Me! first of all banged loudly on drums (look at me, look at me!) then got up and danced on stage (look at me, look at me!!). Gah.

So we went to the restaurant via the pub, and yum. Yum yum yum. Curry mmm. Had chicken pasander and it was lush, though I’m fairly sure that we were being ripped off by the place because the numbers didn’t add up. Na ja. Talked to a couple of girls doing first year drama who were thankfully un-drama-ish and very nice. One of them complimented me on my Emily bag that Claire got me :).

During the meal, Miss OH!M! kept talking loudly about blinking when having her photo taken (‘Oh, no, I blinked AGAIN!’ ‘OH, for fuck’s sake Helen!’) and then when the hot towels came at the end of the meal, made sure to very carefully wipe around her mouth. Note to these people: there are never as many people looking at you as you think, and a fair proportion of those who are probably like me documenting what you’re doing for their own amusement. Get over yourself.

Hmm, so, after that we went back to Rachel’s to blissful warmth and then, um, just sat around and talked for a couple of hours (sadly sober, I chose to bring chocolate instead of wine) and then went to bed and I slept so much better than last time in this bed (the school disco).

And Sunday, well, woo. We left Rachel’s and went to Kingston Town (yes, you do have to sing along in your head) and we went to Shakeaway. Hands up who’s surprised? This time, I had a smarties onewith marshmallows first of all. Then we went shopping, and I bought some Urban Decay stuff on sale in Sephora (30% off!!) and, um, other stuff, and then we had a mini pasty for lunch which was lush, and another milkshake on the way out (this time I had a hot snickers with, well, marshmallows. Again)

Stopped off at Golf World or whatever it’s called to pick up some info about Claire’s golf lessons, and then came home and 1) carried on with Germany write up (I’m currently only at Monday and about half the way through the pictures, though hopefully I’ll post it before the end of this week). 2) Spoke to Esther for ages and decided we need to organise a mass trip to Cadbury world, and El and I might go up to Lincoln the same weekend. 3) watched last week’s Wire In The Blood, which was very creepy and pretty good. Oh, and I watched Kidnapped, which I thought was pretty good, but when I say watched, I mean ‘cleared up and then put on laptop while it was on so probably only looked at screen for 30% of programme’. Listened is probably more accurate). And 4) Missed The Walk – was it any good? I was talking to Esther till 9.30 and there didn’t seem to be any point in starting to watch it.

And now I am at work and it’s damn cold. Na ja.

I have a craving for Spooks. I may watch 102 again to recap it. I don’t know if it’s the presence of Helen, but I’m really not that into S1 this time round. I know the plots get dodgier series by series, but I just...maybe it’s a bit more *fun* from S2 onwards (and yes, Ruth is in it).

There was going to be a short bit of ‘meh, I can’t write spooks atm’ but then it turned into long meta, so I’m going to straighten it out and post it tomorrow separately.
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