February 25th, 2005

up, down, turn around, please don't let me hit the ground

So, we watched Birthday Girl because for some impenetrable reason, Crimson Rivers would not give us English subtitles of the *film*, only the damn *commentary* and Dear refused to watch it dubbed (ah, I’ve trained her well). Birthday Girl is a pretty funny film, and includes British comedy cameos (Armstrong & Miller, Sally Phillips and the League of Gentlmen trio). Plus, of course, not only Mr. VC but Mathieu Kassovitz, director of La Haine and Amelie’s bf.

Claire and I are off to see HMS Pinafore this weekend – her uni friend Rachel (who we went to Paris with)
is in it. Frankly I could do with just staying home, sleeping and making icons but Dad and Lesley are having a big dinner party so no can do :(. TBH I wouldn’t be so bothered if I wasn’t tired from having woken up at 2am with stomach cramps like you would not believe. Stomach cramps that have not really gone away over the course of the day, meaning I’ve been torn between wanting to cry, and wanting to be sick. Actually, all I really want to do is go home and curl up. But oh no, I offered to cook. Crap. Fine, I’ll curl up after dinner.

I agreed to help with this thing at work, filling in billing addresses for some new sites. Bossman didn’t actually say this mean ‘go through massive stack of paper looking for the one sheet that will have the billing address on it’. I actually don’t have time for this, but neither does anyone else. Still, at least I’m fairly sure I’m not going to be sacked at my probationary review.