February 24th, 2005

And when the sun is going down, I’ll take a taxi into town…

Spoke to financial advisor Monday night (how very adult of me) and it looks like I might be putting some money into a pension, some into an ISA thingy and some into a slightly-more-scary ‘here is your capital and we’re going to play around with it the value can go down as well as up’ type thing. Possibly to do with China. Think will just get Dad to help me.

Saw a video this morning by a group called The Faders, who are a rock teenage girl group in the same way Avril Lavigne is a punk (song was called No Sleep Tonight or something). Despite this, I have a sneaking suspicion I might wind up liking them. Bah. They’re not The Donnas, though. But they are British and I do seem to have a natural bias towards British things, as my CD list probably attests. Would link to post if I could be bothered. Can’t, really, as it’s the last post.

Hey, and snow. Cold and stuff, but pretty, and the roads seem fine so maybe we actually woke up to the fact that snow = not the end of the world. Though I wish the annoying teenage boys would stop thinking it’s the height of hilarity to throw snowballs onto buses when the doors are open. BTW, I wrote most of this entry Tuesday and it’s STILL snowing now. And yet, not settling. Eh?

Scottish Power have deadly boring hold music.

Also, you know it’s Cadbury’s 100th anniversary or whatever (well maybe you don’t, if so you probably don’t live with people who watch Coronation Street), does it seem to anyone else like the celebrations are a bit…stingy? There’s the silly little idents at the beginning of Coronation Street, and the thing about winning ‘two seats to Britain’s biggest events in 2005’. Two seats? Is that it? Surely four or ten or something would be more celebratory. I want to go back to Germany and buy more Ritter (spoke to Claire and the plan is for maybe a trip in July).

Dear seems to have a magnet for boyfriends with severe problems. I’m not going to go into detail about someone else’s family, but oh my. How does she do it? Every time she gets a boyfriend they’re either depressed, slightly insane, controlling, have a weird family/ family problems, or, most frequently, ALL OF THE ABOVE. My personal (not very nice, admittedly) theory is that it allows her to run round playing counsellor and pretending *she* doesn’t have a problem. I realise I’m coming from the perspective of a non-depressed person here, but if you had a problem, wouldn’t you want to fix it? She just seems to ignore it until something happens, and then of course we all get the negative impact, and then la la la everything’s fine again. Ok, so she’s now decided (for no real reason) that she doesn’t want to take tablets. Fine, but then see a counsellor or something, don’t just pretend it isn’t happening.

Oh, and she rang L at work the other day to tell her it was snowing. He may also have rung me for the same thing (she didn’t leave a message, presumably because she figured out I wouldn’t be impressed) How the hell does she end up in jobs where she effectively *does no work*?

Pffft. I don’t know.

Yeh, so, Wednesday stuff. Went to charity shop at lunch to look for books and omg I have found what looks like the best book EVER. I SWEAR. It’s called The Cool Boffin (the Cool Boffin!!!) by someone called Pete Johnson, and it’s a got a really weird hand-drawn-over-photos cover (1988, is that before photoshop ;) ?), and well, this is the synopsis:

A boffin, of course, is an incurable swot…He swots and swots while the world passes by in a blur

Richard Hodgson thinks he is instantly forgettable. How he longs to change his boffin image.

Then a dramatic accident gives him a chance. The Boffin becomes ‘Ricky’ – cool, sharp and a bit of a lad. He enters an alien world of wild parties and girls. But things are not always what they seem…

It seems to have had quite good reviews, and was first published in 1988 (hey, I was 7!), which surprises me not one bit. It sounds great, doesn’t it? I’ll update you on the adventures of Richard/Ricky as I go…

Also in the charity shop, clearly a massive pop fan had just donated. There were singles galore, mostly Britney (the boring ones, gah), one *nsync single (which I had to buy, despite already having it on album and the video too, just BECAUSE) and a couple of albums, and omg a load of OTT stuff. Who the hell were OTT, I hear you ask? I have no idea, but after careful research (in said shop) I can tell you that 1) they’re a boyband and 2) for a boyband, they’re surprisingly ugly and look like an indie band. Anyone willing to admit to having heard of them? (ETA: Claire)

Think that’s about all the excitement I can stand for one day, and Desperate Housewives is on tonight yaaaaaaay!

So I spoke to Claire earlier about this weekend and then she says that she’s watching a BSB/Nsync video thing. One BSB vid, then one *Nsync vid. There may have been live performances too. Cue loud, total Moan Of Despair from me (probably causing my parents to wonder wtf?) and then deciding that 1) I needed to watch my *nsync videos RIGHT THEN and 2) I need the video for Bye Bye Bye (if anyone knows where I can download it, please tell me and I’ll love you forever).

For some reason, the combination of talking to Claire + watching videos with Dear (complete with bad impressions and discussion of ‘The Call’ video) = giggling fit. Dear watched Gone about 5 times while I had a bath because I don’t like that song.

DH squeeing (cut in case anyone hasn’t seen it and doesn’t want to be spoiled):
Collapse )

This morning, before Dear and I had a silly thing (which was equal fault on both sides but I would appreciate if she wouldn’t laugh at me when I get annoyed because I don’t laugh at her temper tantrums, do I?) we had this conversation:

Dear: Yeah, well, Mr. JC’s cute, I suppose, but he’s not, like, the most gorgeous guy on the planet.
Me: Of course not. That’s Vincent Cassel.
Dear: ...fair point.

We’re going to watch Crimson Rivers tonight. Or maybe BOTW, but he’s not quite so fit in that due to the whole insane-freaky-arm thing. Probably Crimson Rivers because that has the added yayness of Jean Reno.
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I just walked into the corner of a desk REALLY HARD. That'll be a nice bruise on my thigh, then.


And furthermore, OW!
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