February 19th, 2005

Cake Cake Cake

The band, not the food. Aceness all round. Thoughmycopy of Comfort Eagle remains woefully lost. This makes me v sad, as does this damn keyboard which is making my hands hurt.

Oh Den I got La Haine yesterday!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night I rented Dodgeball and Resident Evil Apocalypse. We watched RE:A first, and…it wasn’t that bad. Nowhere near as bad as the reviews have been saying (but then I think we’ve established that Dear and I do not always have the highest standards when it comes to films). And Oded Fehr was SO FIT. Wow. Miss the long hair though.

Some of it was very dodgy – the cgi monster things (can’t even remember their names), and most of the plot, and the bit in the graveyard, wtf? But it’s based on a computer game, so what do you expect? (Milla in small outfit, random eye candy, freaky small child. Oh look, it delivers!) And Milla’s ace. Oh, but the amount of lifting from other zombie films! As Dear said at one point, all we needed was a trampoline and one of those ball-hitting-pole things (aaargh, what’s that game called?) and it would have referenced SOTD too.

Anyway, then we moved onto Dodgeball, or Voll Auf Die Nusse as it was in Germany. This was pretty funny, though a bit reminiscent of Zoolander (though Derek was a much nicer character than White, who was just a bastard). Think it’s because the voices were kind of the same.

The Average Joe’s were pretty funny, and I have a feeling this may be the first film I’ve seen with Vince Vaughan in it, and he was more entertaining than I’d expected. Christine Taylor was funny as she always is in her token girl roles. And the film benefited from lack of Owen Wilson. I wouldn’t mind if he didn’t do the same thing in ever film he’s in. Ugh.

On Thursday I went to Bromley and I bought not only SFX with shiny new logo (and it was quite good this month, though possibly not good enough to make me buy it all the time like I used to) but also Sight And Sound. I do absolutely adore S&S, and I’m not sure why. Maybe I just like the idea of buying it, you know? Na ja.

I’m going to leave it there for now, because I have to go home and work on the Germany write up . And possibly a Spooks recap, we shall see.

Though, a piece of advice: if you have asked to borrow something and the person you have asked says yes, but can you please use the laptop where it is in their room because it's already set up and plugged in, DO NOT whinge and say 'oh please can I use it in my room, why not, you take it downstairs etc' (yes, but it's MINE, you idiot, can't you tell the difference, oh no wait, who do I think I'm talking to?) And when that person has made it clear that she 'd rather you didn'tmoveit but thinks you probably will anyway, DON'T sit there and kind of mumble an agreement! This will lead to said person going out in a bad mood because HELLO, she's doing you a fvaour, bitch. Don't whine.

Yeah, so. She gets on my nerves sometimes. And if anyone's wondering why I didn't change my mind, it's because the whingeing and shouting that would have resulted from that is 10 times more annoying than the first sort.


I'm not overreacting, am I? Really?

Now That's What I Call A CD List...

For no-one's interest except my own (and those of you who want to laugh/point), here is a list of all the CDs I own, in order of what box they live in when I've actually organised them (HA HA). Um...yeah. Is there a point to this? No. I must do an updated dvd list too, seeing as I keep getting 3-for2 offers and stuff.

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