February 13th, 2005

neuer eintrag

Ich bin auf Deutschland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excue typing, thi is a very difficult keyboard to use and the y is in the wrong place(though at least there is one) also has thee extra keys: :-) :-( (just on the one key!), ä ö and ü.Yay.

Hostel is ace. Also insanely central, less than 10 minutes walk from town centre.

Shockingly have not had that much choc. however have been to chocolate museum which was ace. Have eaten Nordsee twice and have cakes. Having great holiday.

Claire's making a phone call sp have time to kill. Went to Köln Dom today (cathedral) and is bloody HUGE. Sensaes (no way am i trying lj tags on this weird thing) I tried to take some gargoyle pics but not sure how they'll come out.

Weather has been awful, wind and rain and UGH, but we're soldiering on.Tomorrow we're going propr shopping and I'm going to buy not one but TWO pairs of trainers!(I got paid before we came and I cn use my nomrmal account here.WOO)

We went to the cinema on whim tody and managed to catch a(nother) film about pretending to be jewish. The bits I could understand were funny. Before we found the kino we were wandering in the town cente(though all the shops are shut on sundays) and we found supermarkets so Ican buy chep ritter, lindt, bahlsen, kinder and so on.

Also I'm currently getting myself addicted to cola light, which enirely different to diet coke and is SO nice.

Think that's it for now, I'll do a proper rite up (with oh so many pics!) when I'm a at a keyboard I can type at.

Wiedersehen :-)