February 10th, 2005

It would be awesome, if we could dance

Den I’m going to try and send your usb stick tomorrow, ok? Any news on La Haine?

Note to self: tell Claire about audiography. It’s a pretty funky community, they post songs on a theme :)

Due to me having clicked the ‘send me every message, no really, every one, including the stupid spam ones’ option on the uvfics yahoo group, my brain has started writing UV fic again. Seriously, when I’d managed to just be writing spooks since s3. BASTARDS!!! I’ll have to make another sodding wip list that will be nearly as long as my arm. Sod.

Must post dvd and cd list when I get back from Germany.

Is Resident Evil Apocalypse any good (ooh, there’s a contender for stupidest question of the year)? Let me rephrase – is it watchable, ‘cause Oded Fehr’s in it and he’s cute. Yes I am that shallow, James Purefoy was in the first one. And I do love Milla.

Is Dans Ma Peau any good? Is it even watchable without me covering my eyes most of the time? I can watch violent films and stuff no problem but I’m rubbish with surgery scenes (I’m thinking the answer to this one is NO).

I’m going to Germany on Saturday. I thought I was in the oh-shit-panic phase but I’ve zipped through that into the WOOYAYHOOPLA phase. Have I even mentioned that before that we’re going to see Nick Ferrari? 800 tickets sold and the guy doesn’t know what he’s going to do. Richard and Judy might be there apparently. I’m only going because he’s like my dad on the radio and it should be funny if nothing else. He’s a DJ on LBC.

I appear to have lost all my exclamation marks somewhere in this entry. Hm. Think I am too tired for enthusiasm. Must go to bed early. Oh, except I can’t because Desperate Housewives is on. (it was ace, by the way. I love it so much)

Girls Aloud obsession is storming on. They've got so many good lyrics for icons. Must find pictures.