February 7th, 2005


...is pretty much all I can say.

Warning: this entry contains squeeing and more squeeing about Vincent Cassel.

So, this weekend started off, um, I have no idea how it started. I guess I was on the laptop at some point. Hm. Friday spent ages looking for cable for digicam only to remember as I was going to bed that it was in the laptop case. As Claire said, it was in a safe place. Anyway, Saturday I, um, am having a real problem remembering my weekend for reasons that will become clear later. Oh, hang on, yeah, went swimming with Claire in the morning at the place Dear used to work (so she is useful for something) and used Jacuzzi and steam room for about 20 seconds before I went *pleagh* and had to get out. Then came home to get ready, and went out again to go round to Claire’s to 1) watch Ocean’s 11 and then 2) go out to dinner for her birthday. Dinner was lush and involved lots of tomato and cheese and spinach and ricotta cannelloni yum yum yum.

Then I think I went back to Claire’s. Oh yeah, we watched Shallow Hal. Was quite funny. Oh, O11 was SO MUCH better second time around – I really didn’t like it first time around. Then, um, went home, slept. Got up. Got ready, failed to find HMV giftcard that I saw Friday. Bugger. Not my weekend for stuff. Went back to Claire’s, for we had decided that along with friends of hers, we would go and see Ocean’s 12.

Wandered round Bexleyheath first, had McDonalds, yo. Mmm, JC (yes, I know, but in my brain McDonalds = JT = JC). Then went in and sat down for film. Unmemorable trailers, totally unmemorable, cannot think of a damn one. Will check with Claire.

ANYWAY, Ocean’s 12. Funnier than I expected, looked damn good, more behind the cut just in case anyone wants to see it Collapse )

Right, anyway, after my brain melted and died, the film did finish and I went ‘oooh, wonder if Dear wants to go see this again’ which she does, but then again I’m not sure I can be bothered between now and Germany. Hopefully we’re going to go to the cinema when we’re in Germany. Claire wants to see Shall We Dance?, so I’ve said I’ll go if we’re in Germany, because I don’t want to see it, but if we’re there, I’m not too bothered what we see.

After we came out, I went to look for Hellboy, and decided to get it from Morrisons or somewhere. Incidentally, does anyone know if the HMV exclusive version had anything different other than a pretty cover? Got Total Film, which was a bloody waste of money this month :(.

After a brief stop at Claire’s again, went to Blockbuster and omg saw one of their pre-owned videos on sale was Eddie Izzard Unrepeatable so snapped it up for stroppy madam. Then rented A Tale Of Two Sisters and omg what. The. Fuck? Made NO sense, and was not terribly scary, because it made no SENSE. If anyone can explain it, I’d be super grateful.