February 4th, 2005

Happy birthday to Claire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, so. Happy birthday to Claire, who won’t read this but yay! Ace person. Birthday woo. I got her a book on Degas, german magnetic poetry kit, and another book I’m not going to mention because it’ll make me sound weird(er). Plus I got her some guylian truffles and some diet coke with lime which by the way is the best drink ever, much better than the lemon version (though I am quite partial to caffeine free diet coke too).

I had a party ring today where the biscuit was upside down. And I want chocolate. Right now.

Ahhhhhh there’s this in-house newsletter we have here, and there’s a picture of me in it (as well as other people who are new). I’m not bothered by there being a picture, but it’s just so *me*. Fluffy hair – check. Glasses – check. Slight sceptical expression with raised eyebrow – CHECK. I must see if I can get the file from somewhere and post it. It’s so me.

No picspsam because 1) I rented Hellboy and Infernal Affairs this week, 2) I went out to dinner last night, and 3) I think I may have just sat there Wednesday night and gone ‘meh’ and tried to move (oh no, I remember, in between The Bill and Desperate Housewives there was an hour and I think Esther rang)

Oh, Lisa’s going to buy milk and she’s getting chocolate. ANGEL.

Back to the point (well, not the *point*, there isn’t actually one to this entry, more like back to rmabling). Oh Den, I ordered the usb stick and I think it’s been dispatched so let me know your which address you want it to (yes I know I have both but 1) I’m lazy and 2) this way I can send it from work) so I can post it to you hopefully next week.

O12 London premiere last night. Does anyone have pics? Was Mr. Cassell there?

To elaborate on what I said before, Hellboy was ace. I LOVED it. Must buy must buy must buy. Infernal Affairs also ace, if a little confusing. Ending v sad. Dad made me watch it dubbed, to, which was really annoying as there were random accents.

Last night we went to Efe’s II for dinner. It’s a Turkish restaurant, and is lush. Had mixed meze starter, cheesy puff things that I don’t know the name of, and liver, and then kebab with yogurt and tomato sauce and omg it was so good. LUSH. Could eat it all right now, actually.

Hm. Have just remembered have no sandwich filling for lunch, hopefully they’ll have something decent in Tesco.

And tomorrow I’m going to attempt swimming with Claire in this place my sister used to work, and then we’re going to dinner for the second time for her birthday. I might actually get some icons done over the weekend. Hopefully.

I have a question or two (i may have asked the seond one before, but if I did, no-one answered):

1. what’s the point of the ‘reply to all’ button for emails?
2. why oh why oh why is it that when you’re in excel and inputting a date, you can choose between 4-Feb-05 and 04-Feb-05, and the option to do so is listed is 14-Mar-00 or, um, 14-Mar-00? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to use a number that actually changes with the formatting?

At lunch we were looking at pictures from Ocean’s 12 and Emma was rhapsodising about Brad ‘Not attractive at ALL’ Pitt. This magazine had a pic of Mr. Cassel, so I could finally go ‘there! Him!’ but they were not impressed. Kate was amused that I kept referring to him as my one, but she has not been around me long enough to have heard me talking about tv boyfriends (hmm, speaking of which, that position is vacant right now, lucky I have Mr. JC and Mr. VC around to make up the shortfall) . Suffice it to say, the population at large remains ignorant of Mr. cassel’s utter gorgeousness. Idiots.