January 31st, 2005

So pass me a drink and let’s go

Hmmmmmm weekend. Did normal stuff, went shopping, bought writing magazine, went to bizarre jumble-sale-slash-student-thing we saw in the Evening Standard magazine. Was quite good to try something new even if it was very student-y. Claire says it makes her feel old, but it just makes me feel out of place.

Then we attempted to buy flan in a patisserie boulangerie on the same road but shockingly they didn’t have any. If anyone knows anywhere in London that sells proper French flan, let me know *hopeful smile*.

We went to Wagamama for dinner, which was yummeh. I love Wagamama. Then we decided that as we were no longer going dancing, we’d look for a film. So it was that we went to see Closer. Hm. All I can say is that was not worth £8.50 for the ticket (Garden State was). Also, yes, £8.50, that’s what you get for trying to go to the cinema in central London. Bastards. Anyway, it was a fairly good film, though I think it was suffering from too much pretty, if such a thing is possible. You end up totally desensitised to them (except the last shot of Natalie Portman but then she is stunning).

It also suffered from originally being a play. It might have worked on the stage, but the film really suffered from only having four characters, and from those four characters not being particularly likeable, Jude Law’s character especially (and while I think of it, I can’t remember a single character name without trying really hard). They just seemed to be whingers or victims, each switching from one side to the other as the writer felt they needed to. Oh-no-poor-me-you-cheated-on-me-but-wait-i-cheated-on-you-but-it-was-for-you, honest. WTF?

The script was really stagey too. One of the things I keep saying to people is that the characters could have been holding up signs saying ‘THIS IS A PLAY’, and some of the stuff they came out with was just rubbish. And, frankly, completely unmemorable.

There were good parts – Clive Owen was quite funny, and there was a fair amount of goggling from us at the sheer length of Julia Roberts’ legs, and there were the policemen wearing the old-fashioned hats (we couldn’t decide if this was because when the play was written they were still in use or just to provide a handy reference for outsiders *lol*). Then there was the bit where JL comes out of a fashionable reception and hails a taxi STRAIGHT AWAY because on (presumably) a Saturday evening there is a massive long rank of taxis just waiting. Rubbish. Then, having put Natalie Portman in a taxi, he hails another one straight away!

Oh, and then there was the total lack of grounding information, so the film went back and forth like eh? And we were most confused. Especially when between one scene and the next, two people had been having an affair for a YEAR. And the dates were all buggered up. Apparently between the beginning and the end of the film, we’d covered four years. EH?


Yah (how Sloaney of me), so Sunday I played about with laptop, wrote a bit but nothing concrete, then went off to Bromley to get the rest of Claire’s birthday present. And two other books because hell, it was on offer. And some cds. And some dvds.

Actually, I managed to stop myself before the dvds. Am impressed with my restraint. Anyway, bought Bill Bryson’s A Short History Of Nearly Everything, which Dear was supposed to get me for my birthday but couldn’t be bothered, and something called Strangers by Taichi Yamada, which is a ghost story, apparently. Also bought the Keane album (because hell, I’m fed up of looking for it in the library) and the Snow Patrol album. Wanted to buy the JC album, but already own it. Yes, I sometimes get urges to buy albums I already own. What??

So, came home, more time on laptop, didn’t do picture stuff because the screencaps of Birthday Girl I thought I’d saved where NOWHERE to be found. BUGGER. IT. That’s about 30 caps I’m going to have to go back and do again. GAH. Watched Spooks 102 and 307 while ironing, yay! Hopefully the 102 recap will take much less time than 101.

Oh yeah. I may have mentioned this cardigan I bought from Next the other week? With the pink feather collar? Well, I noticed earlier in the week that the feather collar was omg one. I didn’t do anything about it because I thought I might have put it somewhere. It was gone all week, and then when I opened my wardrobe yesterday, it was back. o_O

So I checked with Claire, because she stayed Saturday and I thought she might have seen it and put it back, but no. I checked with Lesley, but no from her either. Ok, fine, I assume, Dear took it without asking and put it back while I was out. Dear says no. and Dear didn’t come back to the house while I was out Sunday.

So, um...help? Anyone? Who put it back? And if they’re reading, thanks, and I’d really appreciate my Y key back, too.

If all goes well tonight, picspam (including Dobermann icons because those pictures have been sitting on the laptop for far too long) tomorrow.