January 28th, 2005

Plug it in, plug it in, baby!

No, I’m just quoting that line for no reason (though I feel it may end up being one of my most favourite best songs EVAH). I’m quoting because I, me, yes, I, queen of the nearly-dead tape walkman, Han have bought…

An MP3 player.

*waits for schocked gasps to die down*

I’m not sure I believe it myself. Part of me still wants to go out and buy a new walkman, but…yeah. Anyway it’s small and white and blobby, 128mb and FM radio tuner (which is why I bought it), it has a little screen telling you what song is on (providing you’ve actually named it on the computer, which ok, maybe, some of the time I haven’t *coughcough*) and best of all it cost me the not-very-big sum of £30. They’re in Superdrug, if anyone’s interested. Not quite the Creative Zen Micro, but good enough. It seems to take a fair few songs, I think I’ve got about 25 on there right now and it’s only half full. I’m trying to resist the temptation to get a marker pen and draw on it. I do have plenty of stickers, though.

I think I’ll do some picspamming earlier next week, because I still haven’t taken pictures of my cushions that Claire got me, and I’ve got a load of pics on the camera including ice skating from Christmas Eve and school disco ones *g*.

Also, I actually posted some fic to spooky_doings yesterday. Only drabbles, but still fic :).