January 24th, 2005

She couldn’t scream while I held her close, I swore I’d never let her go

Long update. You have been warned.

So, Friday night. Went up to town, got sushi, went to Cinema. Time of film had been changed. To 5.30 (it was 6.15) or 8.30. AARGH. Why does that cinema insist on changing film times so randomly?? So we went ‘meh’ and went to the other cinema to see what was on. The ebst we could find was Garden State at 7.30, so we decided to go for that and went to eat sushi and then sit in Starbucks. Sushi was yum as ever, as was hot chocolate. Got free coffee, which has made my bag stink. Na ja.

Then we decided that the ideal cinema food was quite possibly a Munchies McFlurry, so we got to sing variations on the stupid McDonalds song for a while, and slag off Mr. JT for releasing the song from the ad, because WHY? Got McFlurries and hid them in Claire’s bag to get them ins kino.

Garden State was FAB. It was so amazingly sweet, and cute and OMG Natalie Portman. She’s so utterly lovely. And Ian Holm kept looking like Ian Holm then not. I was never quite sure if it was him. Think it might have been the tan. Still a bit annoyed that cinema has made us miss out on a SECOND film (still not see Old Boy) but Garden State was good enough that I forgive them.

Then, after that, I think we just came home and I may have just forced myself to go to bed because I had a load of cleaning to do on Saturday (because Lesley was coming back). Oh, and apparently, Dad was going to talk to Dear about her frequent MASSIVE STROPS in my direction, but as the evidence will show, they’re not working.

So, yeah, Saturday dawned. I got up and cleaned kitchen. Go me. Then Den phoned, which was cool. Hi, Den :) Plus, tidied my room while I was on the phone (this does matter) THEN after I got off the phone, I went to run a bath, and told Dear I was doing so.

‘No, I’M having a bath.’
‘Dear, I have too much to do today, I’m running a bath now.’
‘Well if you hadn’t been on the funking phone for an hour and a half while I’VE been cleaning, you wouldn’t be rushing, would you?’*
‘Look, I haven’t got time for this, you’ve had an hour and a half while I was on the phone to have a bath.’
‘I was funking CLEANING!’
‘Look, I’m only having a quick bath, I’m not even going to be half an hour.’

*this whole thing is ridiculous on so many levels, but mainly the one where every single other time we’ve been in this situation, it’s been me doing all the cleaning and her on the phone/in bed/out. And on the one where she is liek omg omg most important person. I felt like pointing out that I had stuff to do because I was going out, as she’s always telling me I need to do, but she was in the kind of mood where I would have got a rant about how much of a sad bitch with no life I am, and I didn’t really feel like hearing that, y’know? And I would like to point out, I had ALREADY done most of my share of the cleaning, and all she had to was vacuum (though she failed to do upstairs) and dust the lounge. And apparently this took her an hour and a half. RIGHT.

Yeah, so, I was in the bath for about 20 minutes. By the time I left to go shopping, she’d been in there for about 45 minutes, and probably stayed in there for another half hour or so. So yeah, letting her go in first would have really made sense.

So then I went to Bromley to get a tie, eyeliner, nail varnish (I have a special power with black nail varnish – I have it around for a few months and then the bottles disappear) and stuff. I also got some daffodils for Lesley that weren’t out at all, so they looked like green sticks, and some M&S cookies OMG they’re heaven. Also wine and chocolates for James (one of Claire’s uni friends) as he was letting us sleep in his room.

Got my tie and alice bands in Claire’s, and 2 new eyeliners in Superdrug :) Came back, frantically got all my stuff ready, and waited. And waited. Claire picked me up about 6.30 when I’d been expecting about 5, but it’s not like I lack things to do (not that I can remember right now what I did, but it probably involved the laptop).

Drove down to Egham with one of Claire’s tapes for company, which much like mine atm involved a lot of Killers and Franz. When we got there, James had cooked us proper burgers and chips WHICH WERE SO YUM. Then we watched some Red Dwarf (‘the man’s a maggot’) until woo – Ultimate Force. And you know what? I phoned home to check Lesley was back ok and decided not to ask them to record UF as I couldn’t remember what the button on Dear’s machine looked like (yes, I know it would be a small round circle with the word ‘rec’ next to it, but I think it says something else as well and they don’t like doing stuff unless I give them very specific instructions). So I didn’t record it. BUGGER! It was ace, it was like a more violent episode of Spooks. In fact, it had the same plot as an episode of spooks (103 or 4 – embassy gets taken over by terrorists), plus it had that guy who was in NCS with David Suchet.

Then, finally, got ready. Being me this took about 15 minutes (though I had already done my hair and nails). Pictures eventually. Decision to goth it up was good. Got to wear jewellery I hadn’t worn for ages :) So we got there, left our coats in James’ building (ha, cloakroom charge we laugh at you) and went to the Union.

It’s about 3 times the size of the BG one, which isn’t surprising. We got there at 10.30, stood around for a bit and then they played Don’t Stop Me Now. Oh yeah. So, we started dancing (sadly not with snooker cues), and um, didn’t stop till 3.30 a.m. Heh. My knees hated me by this point (knee high boots, big heels, jumping up and down? Clever!), and I could have done without the last hour and a half because it was proper dance music, but seeing as that’s what I thought the whole thing was going to be, it was really good, all told :D. Plus, they played loads of 80s stuff, some Wham, Britney (oh, surprise surprise), Mr JT and – woo – Backstreet’s Back! You’ll be pleased to know next time we go I’ll be making sure they play Bye Bye Bye.

So we left eventually, staggered back to James’ flat (which he shares with Rachel, who we went to Paris with) and had pizza that Claire had thought to bring with her. And despite the fact that I was nearly falling asleep on the sofa, when we actually got into bed, my brain just went ‘ha! You think you’re going to sleep?’ and didn’t even give me any half-decent ideas in return. So, I think I fell asleep for 4 or 5 hours total, which happens far too frequently when I try to have a life. Forced myself to stay in bed till 11, for all the good it did me.

Then, woke up, sat around, went to Tesco to get breakfast (chocolate croissants) and crappy real life magazine which was teh funny. Laughed at that for a while, then decided to go to Staines.

First port of call in Staines was PC World, but contrary to Den’s suggestion on the phone, I did NOT go in and nick a y key from one of the laptops. If anyone wants to nick me one, I couldn’t possibly accept it, of course *coughcough*. Then we wandered back and forth (it wasn’t a very fast-moving day, I have to say) and then – woo – I found Nine Queens for £10 in HMV!! (still no La Haine, but I will eventually order it). My boots were killing me by this point, because I stupidly didn’t think to bring trainers.

Then, Claire and I had to leave as she was feeling bad :( Drove home with one of my tapes, which involved a lot of Killers and *Nsync/Mr. Chasez. Never got the chance to use broadband and still don’t have the All Day Long video…

Was briefly round at Claire’s but was too tired to stay for dinner and so went home and went ‘meh’ because stuff on bed. Stupid Han. Finally washed my hair after last night, but it still smells of smoke (this just might be me being paranoid about it) and watched the first part of Sea of Souls, which was very good, and also had higher incidence than normal of ‘known’ faces (cos had Colin Salmon and John Hannah). Oh, and also did I mention last week that Mr Kill Bill assassin from WTD is in it?

Then, because I am a lightweight at heart, I went to bed at 9 p.m. and just slept. It was great.