January 21st, 2005

There’s a gun and ammunition, just inside the doorway

I need to get some more fandom (well, tv) interests so I stop just rambling.

Watched Final Destination 2 with Dad last night, and whoever wrote it clearly had his sense of humour. Woo for inventive and gruesome ways to die. Was quite fun, really, if your idea of fun is lift decapitation.

Dear not back yesterday, so was nice and quiet :) Spoke to El too, and it’s all good down there atm. Hopefully planning a visit to Lincoln before Germany, and one to Bury afterwards woo! And Germany chocolate YAY. Am feeling slightly hyper today, not sure why. Found a small review of Comme Une Image which said it had a great script and was the funniest French film this year, so looking forward to it.

Read a book called Death Will Have Your Eyes, which helpfully came with the subtitle ‘A Novel About Spies’. There was very little spying in the book, and as far as I could tell, it was more about assassins. And despite the fact that the main character (who seemed a very boring person) had been a spy and was now in love with this woman (who he had to leave behind for part of the book), anytime there was a vaguely willing female along his journey, he had sex with her. I don’t know if the author (James Sallis) was going for a kind of dry ‘i’m-not-totally-like-other-people’ style (it was written in the first person) or he just took the mystery too far, but there wasn’t much of anything to hang on to. It just seemed to be ‘people are after me, I must drive across America, only to find that they’re not really after me, I think, will this do?’ Also tried to read some Ken Bruen, which is supposed to be really good London noir, but, um, was crap. Noir does not mean ‘can get away with using bad English’, thanks. And a book of his called Vixen had the most misleading blurb on the back I’ve ever read. I wonder if whoever wrote it had done more than glance at the book.

Which reminds me, I’ve got to do that gargoyle icon. And find that bloody computer magazine I bought last week.

I wish Vincent Cassel was in this film tonight. *sigh* OMG OMG Ocean’s Twelve!!!!!!!!!!

Picked up a Guardian on the train today with the whole thing, all supplements and everything (heh heh), and discovered it has a supplement about ‘the most cosmopolitan city in the world.’ i.e. London. Woo, shall read it. And possibly quote bits of it next week. Na ja.